PCB Guitar Pick





Introduction: PCB Guitar Pick

In my first Instructable, I gonna show you how to make the most geek guitar pick ever.

This pick IS NOT MY IDEA, I take the model from Etsy.com

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

- Any cool PCB (The thickness isn't really relevant so you can take the circuit you prefer. I took it from an old cd drive).
- Power drill (If you have a dremel, better).
- Drill bit to cut plastic.
- Sandpaper.
- Pen.
- Patience (not optional).

- Soldering iron.
- Three hand or vice grip.

Step 2: Select the Work Zone and Cut It

Now you need to choose what part of the circuit do you want to use. If the area has components, take out with the soldering iron.

Then, cut it.

Step 3: Mark and Cut(again)

Afterwards, draw the pick outline in the PCB and cut it with the power drill or the dremel.

Step 4: Make It Better!

Now look good, but not gorgeous. So, take the sandpaper and clean the both sides. Don't worry about the circuit, the sandpaper only erase the surface layer.
After that, sand the edge and finish the work.

Step 5: Enjoy It!

Finally you have your own and untransferable circuit guitar pick!

Sorry for my bad english and play with it a lot!



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    I made mine (http://imgur.com/OoY0GxK) into a necklace and I use wirecutters, a sharpie, a guitar pick, sandpaper and a file. Just think, only a whole drawer full to go. http://imgur.com/fGpyke9

    Good use of the screw hole :D

    You should probably coat the board in some sort of thin glue finish so that you don't harm the pcb and it doesn't harm you..

    I made it for a friend, but he never gave me any feedback about it. So, sadly, I don't know how much harm it can cause.

    But sure, coating is an idea I had in mind from the start, but I never managed to find a good material to use.

    i've made mine with a red Nvidia card ! i've cut it with Pliers, Sharp crowbar and Sandpaper !! look so cool ! ^_^


    So cool! Don't you unsolder the resistors? Its good looking anyway.

    no i don't remove it, that work like Anti-skid ;-) ! thanks for the reply !

    That doesn't hurt your fingers?

    LOL notice the printed on inductor near the bottom, I thought that they only did that on cheap circuit boards.

    sharp pliers sorry ^_^ !

    im probably going to do this soon, but i would need some kind of plastic coating because the solder on it is led, and a lot of the times, i put my pick in my mouth to hold it while im doing something with both hands.