Step 3: Making the Frame

Cut your alumininium channels to the size you want your frame to be, mine was approximately 30cm by 20cm, the top and bottom channels have a slot cut into them, you'll see why later.  The corners are cut to 45% and screwed to the scrap aluminium corners I made, this step is fairly straight forward.
<p>Excellent job! </p>
This is a truly excellent instructable ! <br> <br>Commercial units similar in size &amp; capability to this sell for AUS$561 for the smallest unit. Google IDEAL-TEK pcsa-1 pcb assembly jig for a laugh ! <br> <br>Great job !!
Thanks, I did! I never realised they were that expensive!
Awesome idea! I never would have thought so something like this - yet at the same time so obvious! Brilliant!
Every home should have one! lol
Cool idea. You sure know how to tug at the old heart strings with your intro message. ;)<br><br>Good Luck in the contest!
I would love to see these guys benefit, they're very creative!
Ya, I looked at the link you gave, and it sounds like a great organization.
Great concept to help with the annoyance of your PCB moving. And the fact it cost you nothing to make only adds to the perks :-)
I've been waiting for this for a long time!
good concept<br>nice<br>
The &quot;Component Holder&quot; is a very good concept. It would prevent the components from falling off when we reverse the board for soldering. Great Idea !
Thanks! I enjoyed both of your instructables, you've given me great ideas for creating more presentable enclosures with your magic tape idea.

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