If you like making jewelry and have some experience using the Othermill, this is a great project for you! This style of necklace offers a wonderful way to get creative with double-sided machining on the Othermill.

The four LEDs on the back of the pendant provide a beautiful glow around the outline of the pendant and highlight the pattern on the front of the necklace by illuminating the etched traces.

This tutorial offers the design files for three different designs: a blank front, a circle design on the front, and the actual bird patterning on the front. Download these files in the next step!

Of course, feel free to use this technique to design your own pendants by mixing and matching your favorite shapes with your favorite-colored LEDs. If you do design your own unique necklace, please post pictures of it in the comments. All of us here at Other Machine Co. would love to see it!

Note: This is the first version of our Light-Up PCB Necklace. Check out V2 for an updated version.

Step 1: Tools, Materials, and Files



  • FR-1 board, single and/or double sided
  • LEDs, surface-mount (4)
  • Resistors, surface-mount, 43-ohm (4)
  • Jewelry-making supplies:
    • Jump rings
    • Clasps
    • Sterling silver or steel wire for wrapping. You can even use stripped hookup wire!
    • Chain, Chord, and/or Beading thread
  • Battery, CR1025, 3-volt
  • Battery holder, surface-mount for the CR1025
  • Double-sided tape

    Note: All the materials listed above, with the exception of the tap and paste, are included in our handy Light-Up Necklace Kit.


  • hummingBirdNoFront.brd single-sided hummingbird, no pattern
  • circles.brd circle pattern for the front
  • hummingBirdWithFront.brd double-sided pendent with bird pattern on front
  • claspBoard.brd clasp
<p>I think this might be my favorite project you've done so far, really beautiful! :D</p>
Really nice! Why not use the actual necklace as wires?
<p>Wow, gorgeous!</p>
<p>Thanks, Danger!</p>
<p>Stunning beautiful.</p><p>The one with the engraved feathers is my favorite I guess :)</p><p>Now the only thing left to do is adding a little microprocessor and a few RGB LEDs. And of corse a little capacitor to hold the energy while the energy is temporaly lost. And maybe a little microphone to trigger on external events. The LEDs could also serve a light and color sensor. Patterns and color changes could all be handeld by the microprocessor. Of course it would need to be an absolutly tiny package with a very low power consumption, such as an attiny44a... hmm... Low current LEDs could also cut the power consumption down. Further improvements could be done by dimming the LEDs when the full brightness is not needed, or switched completly off when they would be invisible in bright sunlight anyway. A smd version of the famous joule thief could be utilized to squezze out the last droplets of power. The copper on the front could turn into a capacitiv touch button for manual interface... hmm.. so many possibilities :D</p><p>Too bad I neither have the time to design something like that nor somebody who would appreciate all the work so I'll leave it to somebody else to mashup these ideas with their own project. ;)</p>
<p>This is awesome :). Thank you so much for sharing.</p>
<p>Ohhh thats very awesome. Great design and a very usable outcome. While reading i thought it will be again the same pendant which will not be practical where battery comes in place. But the lazer printing made me read till last and its really worthy. The way the connections are made are godly. Nice one !</p>
<p>Cool idea of combining LED with jewelry! </p>
<p>That is really cool!</p>
<p>Impressive and very beautiful! I wish I could work at that scale...</p>
It looks so lovely. I like that it looks good even without the lights on.
<p>This turned out so great... That othermill is looking pretty sweet. </p>
First sorry for my english.Your instructable is wonderful. You arrived to married art, technologies, design and mode. Please tell me what muse call to you . Congratulation. Fred

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