HI and SALAM to all guys.this is my tutorial for how to make a PCB (PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD)i am posting my tutorial video just
watch its a complete guide.if you don't understand something ask me. and sorry for poor video quality and poor lightning conditions.

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LesB2 years ago
Can the image be printed with an inkjet printer, or does it have to be laser?
how to drill the holes?

are there any cheaper drillers there?
Unknown13 years ago
Nice video, I have been trying to find something like this but it seems like everyone assumes you know what this process looks like so doesn't bother putting up a video.

Could you show and list what parts you used?
Also could you show the circuit side of the board after you finish soldering? I'm new to circuits and I could use an image for reference.

Sorry to ask all this but your good at showing the step by step.
mshayan27 (author)  Unknown13 years ago
bro i have defined each and every step try to watch the full video u can also pause the video and take ur time to understand !!