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To make a PCB bus we need some three ingredients,They are:
1.Old PCB board
2.Safety pins
Since my sister asked me for a playable toy,after doing my first instructable MOBILE STAND USING PEPSI CAN,I made this cheap toy for my sister..

Step 1: Soldering Safety Pins

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Look at the first picture,Insert an end of the safety pin into the hole of the wheel,Then insert the sharp edge of the pin inside the PCB board and bend it to make soldering easy.
Being a Beginner in soldering,I took more than an hour to solder those pins,You can see my worst soldering in the above pictures.

Step 2: Thats All.It's Ready.

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Now turn the structure,Now it looks just like a real Electronic project,But it was made by reusing unused parts found at home.
Now I can give this to my sister.
God Save me from getting punches from my sista!!


BradBuilds (author)2015-12-01

God Save me from getting punches from my sista!!


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