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There are many ways to make your own homemade PCB's, They all work, but some better than other, some faster than other, ones are cheap and others expensive....
After several attempts, i found the way of making PCB's, wich is the cheapest, easiest and fastest for me.

I hope this instructable will help you to decide what's the best method for you, because there are so many to choose.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Formaking the circuit you will need:
-A copper board.
-The design printed with a LASER printer on glossy paper, antiadhesive oven paper works the best!
-An iron or a laminator.
-The etching solution (Hydrochloric acid + Hydrogen peroxide).
-a plastic flat container.
-Steel wool or fine sandpaper.
-A Dremel for the trough-hole components.
-The components.
-A soldering iron.

Step 4: Removing the paper

Picture of Removing the paper
Put the circuit under the tap and wet it until the paper softens. then rub it off to expose the toner circuit.

Step 5: Etching

Picture of Etching
The etching is the most important step, so do it carefully.
First, fill the container with the etching solution (in my case Hydrochloric acid + Hydrogen peroxide).
Place the circuit floating in the solution with the copper facing down.
Check the circuit each minute to see how it goes.
When the last copper trace disappears, dry the circuit to stop the acid action.
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cooldharap6 months ago

It worked for me but everytime i had a fallure that only 10-12% toner is not getting transeferred onto the board ..... it has happened thrice now and the portion not transferred is the same everytime ... what could be the possible reason behind it ? do give a solution

pinomelean (author)  cooldharap6 months ago
Now i use parchment paper to make the circuits with the best results, just print the circuit on the anti-adhesive side. No toner gets stuck in that paper.
cooldharap6 months ago

can u plz give the concentration of chemicals for etching solution ?

pinomelean (author)  cooldharap6 months ago
It can vary, normally i aim to make a 50-50 solution, but i haven't experimented for optimal results.
12203madman10 months ago
oh and where might i find hydrochloric acid
hydrochloric acid is normal pool acid found in general groceries stores
CoreyCoop1 year ago
What is the mix of acid to hydrogen peroxide, or is it a product off the shelf?
achand8 CoreyCoop9 months ago

Generally 30% concentrated HCL and 2-3% conc H2O2 in equal quantities will etch the board in 1-2 minutes.

I use 1 part HCl to 2 parts H2O2. There is a shorter shelf life for this mixture, it generally doesn't last long unless you 'regenerate' the etchant solution. Search online if you are interested in this ;) I would still recommend this process over other etchants.
there are many etching solutions available from most electronics supply houses. even the radio shack has an entry. some are shipped as a powder for safety reasons. you may find some with which you can live. good luck
there are many etching solutions available from most electronics supply houses. even the radio shack has an entry. some are shipped as a powder for safety reasons. you may find some with which you can live. good luck
pinomelean (author)  CoreyCoop1 year ago
This mixture produces chlorine gas once mixed, and to bottle a product that expands producing poisonous gases is not the a good idea.
12203madman10 months ago
thanks i will be trying this out
sydkahn11 months ago

on the anti-adhesive baking paper - is that the same as "Parchment Paper?

pinomelean (author)  sydkahn11 months ago
Yes, i think so.
sydkahn pinomelean11 months ago

FWIW - I just tried a test print on some Reynolds and Reynolds parchment paper with an HP Laser Printer. When R&R claim non stick - they really mean it. You can actually rub the toner off it. I am going to try and iron a pattern on a board - I will be very, very, careful not to smudge the print.

aldeen191 year ago
Nice and neat, thanks.
guds7771 year ago
i was making my own pcb and it was for a smd Mc33035 IC chip and it has very very fine legs, 0,4 mm thick with 0,3 mm apart. And i tried to draw the tracers with a permanent marker, and i tried to paint it on with a varnish fly-tying paint it works well, except it is hard to paint very fine accurate tracers. So what works best for me is to use clear tape, draw the layout on with a permanent marker, put another layer on, then cut it out with ruler, sharp blade and a soldering helper with magnifying glass, it is important. The acid don't touch the plastic tape. If you dont have the glossy paper or the printer then this is my recommendation.
robi_ncc1 year ago
Can I use Sticky Tape's other side instead of “Glossy Paper”? I add picture of it. Pls replay....
Sticky Tape.JPG
pinomelean (author)  robi_ncc1 year ago
If you can iron it without burning the paper, i supose, so.
If I don't find the "Glossy Paper" then what is the alternative of it?
pinomelean (author)  robi_ncc1 year ago
I didn't buy any expensive paper, i used magazine and book sheets, only the ones wich had no toner or black ink.
That means I can use magazine paper that are shine and don't have toner or ink on it.
pinomelean (author)  robi_ncc1 year ago
Yes, without toner on it.
Thanks for your support.
this will be useful.
kadris31 year ago
I've been doing electronics for 4 decades and the circuit board is always a problem.
you made it easy to follow and comprehensive. Thanks
MrTinkerer1 year ago
How do you line it up for a double-sided PCB?
pinomelean (author)  MrTinkerer1 year ago
I've seen that people print 4 dots out of the circuit, they hole them, and hold them in place with something trough them. But you have to make sure that the design of both sides match correcly.
what do you use to design your PCB?
For a first attempt, play with PCBExpress (Google it). It's FREE. There are other sources for free design software, just search a little.
PCBExpress did not have design software but ExpressPCB did. testing it out. thanks for the lead.
Correct, mybad. Senior moment :)
pinomelean (author)  MrTinkerer1 year ago
I've used photoshop, but there is specific software to do it.
lond1 year ago
Remove the toner from the wiring with nitrocellulose (or acetone) solvent instead of using sandpaper or steel wool.
pinomelean (author)  lond1 year ago
Yes, now i use it, and with very nice results.
n0th1n61 year ago
You can achieve better copper trace than this one. You should also use good quality drill bits. Dull ones produce bad result like the one seen in your pictures.
pinomelean (author)  n0th1n61 year ago
Yes, it is the only fine bit i have...
jslarve1 year ago
can I use inkjet printer instead of LASER printer to print PCB design on glossy paper??....Pls replay....
Thank you
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