Introduction: .

Step 1:

First,trace or draw the circuit.Now paste this drawn paper to the aluminium foil with glue.Now cut the traced design so you will get the circuit.now put the glue on the tracing paper part and paste it on the wood or paper.You should paste the aluminium foil facing away from the wooden piece.Your PCB is ready!!.
Drill the holes in the PCB and YOU'RE DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    +1 for innovation, -1 for the 'ible :(

    Its an interesting idea, but the lack of pictures and some more details around the process makes the 'ible quite bad :/

    But uh, how do you solder on the foil? Ive tried that once but the solder either wouldnt stick, or warped the foil. Or, is this method meant to be done solderless? Yeah, again, some more info in the 'ible wouldnt hurt :)

    Have you got any pictures showing the PCBs that you have made? I am struggling to follow because you don't show the steps you use. I'm not sure that you can solder to aluminium foil, although I could be wrong.

    I don't have a webcam to show you how I made it... sorry for that. But it is just cutting your own circuit and sticking on paper...

    or just paint your circuit on aluminium and stick on paper and finally immerse it in hydrochloric acid


    This will work; not very elegant, but it works where it counts. A couple points to remember; 1) aluminium has less conductivy than copper, if resistance is critical as in timing circuits, the reduced conductivity should be taken into account. 2) There is a solder that works with aluminium, albeit expensive and difficult to locate. The surface characteristics of aluminium require a very CLEAN soldering iron for this to work.

    Good thinking, Kid. Keep it up
    The old buzzard...

    Only problem I can see with your PCB is that you can't solder to aluminium. Otherwise a good idea

    Don't be proud that you only have one step. This is BAD. You need to split up the project and have pictures for each step.

    because this instructable is that much easy.

    No. It isn't. Your sentence structure is poor and you make everything unclear. You should also post pictures of the steps, rather than a drill and a piece of wood. Those don't help anyone do the project presented in this Instructable.

    Hey man, relax, go easy on the kid. He may only have one step but that's one step more than you've contributed in the time youve been here which is about twice as long as he has. Not one thing you said in any way could be conidered constructive critisism. The difference between a kid like this and yourself, he's trying to do something, your trying to..... what? Did you help him? Did you show us all how to do it better? Did you improve on his design? Maybe you know a better way? Have you ever made a circuit board. Maybe you can check back later and those of us who can will help make something of this so you can make a pcb at a later date. Since that was your interest in clicking here? Maybe you could do an able about how to write better sentence structure?