Introduction: PCBPAR 6Cal

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Hello there! This is my new Bullpup rifle it is sturdy reliable and looks quite good. Here are some Pro's and Con's...
  • PRO'S
  • Sturdy
  • comfortable
  • Powerfull about 50Ft to 65Ft (at it's best)
  • Mag fed
  • Sights
  • Looks good


  • CON'S
  • Has lots of rods sticking out.



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    Your doing something different because your pictures are looking very good.

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    Ik weet niet wat ik moet zeggen ... Ik weet dat Call of Duty is een vis! LOL!

    Actualy most of if was not. Dutch is fun to learn!

    Haha, but what did you mean with ''I know that Call of Duty is a fish''? (as it translates that way to English...)

    The Call Of Duty initials are COD, a cod is a fish.

    Looks great!
    I think you could add a longer barrel if you can to improve the looks though XD

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