How to replace a failed power connector on a PCG-C1VR with a nifty Lego connector. Includes disassembly instructions!

Step 1: The Starting Point

I was up late one night, and as I was putting away my laptop I dropped it, breaking the power connector. The plug split, and the connector inside the laptop was also damaged. I checked online, and the replacement parts were fairly expensive, in that they cost more than I paid for the laptop. This was clearly less than ideal.

I looked about the house for an acceptable connector, hoping that I'd find something with the same pin spacing, but it is an uncommon layout and spacing. I decided that the best route then would be placing the connector on the exterior of the laptop, and hopefully adding in a breakaway feature to prevent damage from similar accidents. Ultimately I settled on a lego technic wire, as it pulls apart under stress, can handle the amperage involved, and is a modular low-cost solution. (Keeping in mind that they aren't liable if your project catches fire or other harm befalls it.)

Tools and Supplies needed:


Needle nose pliers
Jewelers screwdrivers in a variety of sizes, Phillips head.
Flathead jewelers screwdriver or similar prying device.
Soldering iron with fine tip.
Labeling or masking tape.
Razor blades or wire stripper.
Diagonal cutter.


Shrink wrap tubing, in sizes appropriate for the wire you are using.
Wire, capable of handling 2.5 amps @ 16v DC.
Lego wire.
De-soldering braid or equivalent.
I was thinking of replacing the power connector with a stereo audio jack (male+female) on an old laptop we have with a dodgy poer connector but it worked with a little poking, so I never got it done. :/
Awesome japanese keyboard! I've never seen one.
that is an excellent job. great idea, was it one of those miracle moments when ur brain clicked and worked out to use that lego connector?
Thanks! Yeah, I went through my box of connectors, didn't find anything. Passed my big box o' lego and went...hmmm, you know what might work...
Now that Lego utilization as a connector is astonishing!.. Great job...
Awesome, great pictures!

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