PCI Slot Fan





Introduction: PCI Slot Fan

This shows how to make a custom PCI slot fan

Step 1: Materials Needed

Material List:

1 Old PCI card
2 Fan (old 60mm cpu fan works best)
3 Hot glue gun
4 Screwdriver

Step 2: Disassemble PCI Card

Remove any screws holding the card to the faceplate. Keep card for other projects.

Step 3: Add the Fan

add glue to the face plate, place fan, and press firmly.

Step 4: This Should Be Finished Product

Step 5: Put in Fan and Turn On

Put the fan in the spot you want it, and connect to any cpu fan connector.



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And of course, if you don't have a spare PCI card to dismantle, you could use the PCI slot blanks that come with the case.

unless they are those snap out ones...
i want to make a blower fan, so that i can make a pci blower fan, but i dont know how

True, had forgotten those existed and didn't see the ones on your case!

I know the kind of "blower" fan you're talking about, but I can't think of a surefire way to do it using a regular case fan. Blocking the "from" side of the fan and removing strategic parts of the fan housing and PCI slot blanking plate could work, but I doubt it would be terribly efficient. There'd also be a limit to how much you could remove from the fan housing before you weakened it I guess.

i tried experimenting with a 120mm fan once and it wasn't very effective, and i have a blower fan from a old laptop, but i cant get it to spin.