This is a new series where I test Various things for reactions with Potassium Chlorate, best of all I encourage the audience to also voice their Ideas on what they think I should do next. All my reactions with be mixed in a ratio of 2:1 (Potassium Chlorate, to Testing reactant...)  Unless stated otherwise...

  Today I test both Rust and Dog food for reactivity.

  Hope you enjoy :)

<p>Is all your knowledge of chemistry self-taught?</p>
<p>That would be correct. :D</p>
<p>Awesome! Any good resources you reccommend for learning?</p>
<p> The internet... XD But the way I learned mainly was I encountered a problem, and did research on the issue that I feel comfortable enough to draw an educated hypothesis based of of it.</p><p> Experience and Study are great teachers... But Just asking the questions and seeking the answers I find to be best.</p>
How about equal parts potassium chlorate, powdered sugar, and no torch at first, drip concentrated sulfuric acid on it. Hint: it should be a thermogenic reaction, a.k.a. Spontaneous combustion.
<p> I actually do know of this one, it is a <br> common one for testing for Chlorates in stump removers... Mix stump <br>remover with sugar, add Sulfuric acid and if it catches fire, then it <br>has Chlorates.</p><p> But I suppose it would be good to do a video on it, thanks for the suggestion. :)</p>
Very good, except it was the Air Force that taught me. Nice side bar, the reaction delivers excess oxygen. Probably why your iron oxide turned so bright red.
<p>Thank you, and God Bless you for serving our Country. And yes... The <br>Oxygen had virtually nothing to react with seeing as the Iron oxide is <br>already Stable, so I have literally little bubbles of Boiling Potassium <br>Chlorate... With nothing to combust, it simply decomposed instead.</p>
Yes. It's one of the nasty things our government taught me.
<p>TM 31 210, Department Of The Army Technical Manual (Improvised Munition Handbook) Headquarters, Department of the Army 1969: </p><p>Section V_No.5: Acid Delay Incediary</p>
If the sulfuric acid is put in a porus container, i.e. Tissue paper, you have a time bomb incendiary device.
<p>I don't quite get it... Are you talking about an acid delay trigger..?</p>