This is a new series where I test Various things for reactions with Potassium Chlorate, best of all I encourage the audience to also voice their Ideas on what they think I should do next. All my reactions with be mixed in a ratio of 2:1 (Potassium Chlorate, to Testing reactant...)  Unless stated otherwise...

  Hope you enjoy :)

<p>Very interesting ideas. Maybe you could try with Diesel fuel, flour, sawdust, etc, and see how they work as rocket propellers. Also using Potassium Nitrate instead of Chlorate.</p>
<p>All very good suggestions, I will try Potassium Nitrate in the future when I can get my hand on some... Have to get some Potassium Hydroxide so I can make it, now that it is spring I should be able to leach some from wood ash.</p>
As far as I know, in USA is relatively easy to get potassium nitrate, and is cheaper because it is used to dissolve tree stumps.
That's what I heard also... But truth is I've searched for it a lot and have been unable to find it...
<p>Maybe if you &quot;micronize&quot; the Nitrate in a ball mill, it would be more effective.</p>
<p>Or Corn Milling it. :)</p>