I do videos on Various Reactants of Potassium Chlorate, in a series called "PCRT" (Potassium Chlorate Reaction Test...)
However I have a concern that a lot of people might not understand why exactly Potassium Chlorate Reacts so Powerfully with so many different things, yet is so stable when heated by itself...

That is what I am going to try to explain today...

Remember Fire needs 3 Prerequisites to Burn: Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel... Potassium Chlorate only provides Oxygen...

Here is a couple PCRT videos that might be worth Checking out...

PCRT Ultra-Fine Dark Aluminium Powder: (http://youtu.be/qR4tGqeqIvM)

PCRT Creatine Monohydrate: (http://youtu.be/yiQuGVlcDKM)

PCRT Aspirin: (http://youtu.be/ZWilYHnlYLY)

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