Have too many pendrives lying around, getting lost, gathering dust?  Here are a couple of ideas for storage.  A strip rack to screw to your desk or wall, and a free-standing column rack.  The strip rack is also handy if you have more USB leads than sockets on your PC - this saves them just dangling around when not in use.

Step 1:


We need 5 A-female to A-female USB adapters.  This will give us 10 USB storage sockets - enough for most people.  If you need more just buy more adapters.

Don't buy these items on the high street - via Amazon or eBay they can be sourced at around £0.25 an item (UK pounds) though as they're often sourced from China, you might have to wait a while.  I needed a couple of these adapters (for the purpose for which they're designed) and was shocked at some of the prices quoted.  When quoted 24p (UK) a unit on Amazon, I ordered a dozen to make up a decent order.  Two were used as intended, and the other 10 to make these two racks.
I have 10 flash drives. 5 are lost somewhere in my room.
That's really cool and ingenious :)
Might be cool - but I have to admit kind of obvious. I had a few A to A adapters going spare, and a lot of pen drives lying around. Just a flash of inspiration - doesn't happen too often at my age, unfortunately. And impossible without that one great human resource - the odds&sods box!
What a cool Idea for pen drive lovers :).
Why would you have so many pen drives in the first place? I usually try to consolidate the data/bootable versions to only three or four at the most. Did you toss out all of the protective caps for when you really want to pack them on the road?
It is a bit out of control isn't it? What is worse is I was reading today that a USB connector only has a limited number of connect, disconnects it can put up with, so this rack storage system effectively cuts the lifespan of the devices in half. At least they can spread their wear out over a number of devices though.
Diffrent folks, diffrent strokes mate.

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