Step 9:

This unit is even simpler than the first - we just need to drill the adapters and connect them with a screw or bolt.  Here I'm using a 6mm bolt because it's what I had to hand.  You don't really need one as heavy as 6mm.  This bolt is 60mm long, which provides room for 5 adapters with enough left to mount the unit.  The larger drillbit in the picture was needed to ease the original holes out to 6mm.
I have 10 flash drives. 5 are lost somewhere in my room.
That's really cool and ingenious :)
Might be cool - but I have to admit kind of obvious. I had a few A to A adapters going spare, and a lot of pen drives lying around. Just a flash of inspiration - doesn't happen too often at my age, unfortunately. And impossible without that one great human resource - the odds&sods box!
What a cool Idea for pen drive lovers :).
Why would you have so many pen drives in the first place? I usually try to consolidate the data/bootable versions to only three or four at the most. Did you toss out all of the protective caps for when you really want to pack them on the road?
It is a bit out of control isn't it? What is worse is I was reading today that a USB connector only has a limited number of connect, disconnects it can put up with, so this rack storage system effectively cuts the lifespan of the devices in half. At least they can spread their wear out over a number of devices though.
Diffrent folks, diffrent strokes mate.

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