I have many pencils and so I decided to do something to keep them all displayed.
I wanted to do this the smallest possible because so they will fit anyways in my pencil case without occupy too much space.

It can be used for many other tools and craft too, you just need to adjust the small cuts size.


You need:
-leather or used inner tube;

Step 2: CUT

Cut a stripe of leather or inner tube.
Do it long enough for all your pencils.


Fold the leather or inner tube and make many small cut like in the drawing.
Two more external and two more internal, and so on. Where two cut end other two cut should start.


Place your pencils through the holes.
One up and one under the stripe, so they can stay really close together.


Make a long strip of leather or innertube.
Make an hole at the end of the pencils organizer, insert the stripe and make a knot.
Roll it around the pencils organizer.

Step 6: DONE

Done! They will be able to fit all in your pencils case, almost like if they were loose.
Can I use a piece of duct tape instead of leather if I put the sticky ends together?
<p>I think so, but I never tryed.</p>
<p>Thanks. I've been looking for a way to keep my pencils visible, handy, and not have their points in danger of breaking. This might be a good first step. I like it.</p>
<p>I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>I used canvas as my material... BUT it works. .....hmmmmm.... might need to whip stich edges to prevent fraying.., Also, I cut an extra hole, and tucked the lace thu there......</p>
<p>That's nice! Thanks for posting the photo!</p>
<p>I Cant Wait to try!! i have tons of pens and pencils that need some serious help.....</p>
<p>Hey, congrats for being a finalist in the organization contest!</p>
<p>Thanks! You too, I like your organizers!</p>
<p>congratulations..! :D</p>
<p>Thanks! I'm really happy about it!</p>
<p>My daughter needs to make one of these! She has tons of pencils. Thanks for sharing.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>This is so good! Great idea cause even with a rubber band you still ahve to find the right pencil. These just roll open. Going to try this. Great instructable and so simple. :)</p>
<p>Clever, easy, zero sewing. Gotta love it.</p>
<p>I draw and I have hundreds of penciles ! this is an awesome idea</p>
<p>Could you not just use a rubber band. Creative though.</p>
Sorry I didn't I mean. Forgive me. It looks so cool. I'm so jelious
What load of rubbish
wow! such a cool and easy way to organize pencils! I'll make one very soon:)
Thanks! Is really fast to do too!
You could use the same design for a bullet bandolier prop
Now that is an easy and great idea. I am an artist. I am going to do this one. Love the idea and think it will work great. This would also, be a good idea for someone that does jewelry making for their tools and many other craft projects tools as well.
Thanks! And you are right, it can be used for many other craft, I didnt tough about, I m going to add the tip in the instructable!
I made it this is the pic
Oh nice! It look really pretty, I like the way you did it, thanks for posting the picture!
I made it and it works really well here is a pic
cheaper way if you dont have that could you use 2 pieces of duct tape? that be cool
I think duck tape may be working too, good idea! <br>You can also ask for the used inner tubes to a bike store, they have so many.
How about a bandolier? Be ready to sketch anywhere, anytime!
Ah ah!! Thats funny!!!
Very creative!
Thank you!
What, no &quot;Cool Stuff to Do With an Old Bicycle Tube&quot; contest? If there were, this would have my vote.
Thanks! I will love a contest like that!
That's cool!! =]
Thanks! ?

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