Prologue: Why am I writing this?  Because I have been dealing with skin issues for a majority of my life, before filtering all that bullshit that has been fed to me by the liars, con-men, and ignoramuses of this world, and I think people deserve to know some truth.  Most skin situations can be managed and cured with little to no treatment.  Wowzers?  I know.

Step 1: TRUTHS

Let’s Begin:

So, with all the chemicals, washes, peels, vitamins, and acne treatments, you would think that people would have better results, but they don’t.

Why Is that?  Maybe because like everything else in this world, someone is trying to sell you crap you don’t need, which usually ends up exacerbating the situation.

DIET?  If your body was a vehicle, the oils and gases you put into it, would dictate how well that machine worked.  So, the joke was always that chocolate causes pimples, but what they didn’t want to tell us, was the real culprit was what made the chocolate sweet.

A REFINED COMPOUND, that is completely saturated in the PROCESSED FOOD market and IMO, the leading cause of all CANCERS, sickness, and disease.  Wow, that is a big statement, but I’m going to live by it.

The magic BULLET is SUGAR.  You eliminate that sugar, the bacteria that normally exists on your skin will not gorge itself with that sugary treat and elicit an immune response that will cause excess inflammation and WHITE BLOOD CELL pimples.  (Consider processed white bread as straight sugar as well.)

Like anything, in moderation, sugar is okay, but the levels of sugar intake in this society by the uninformed, has diabetes and obesity skyrocketing.  Funny enough, those are only the most obvious ills of sugar saturation, but trust, when I say, it is a DRUG that flies under the radar.

Simple sugars that are complex, take longer to digest, giving a more even disbursement of the mitochondria fuel.  After all, aerobic respiration drives the cells, which gives us life.  “Nutrients commonly used by animal and plant cells in respiration include glucose, amino acids and fatty acids, and a common oxidizing agent (electron acceptor) is molecular oxygen (O2)”

Quickly: I also eliminated Caffeine from my diet, which is a stimulant to think about leaving behind.  SODA POP and morning COFFEES.  (Sugar and Caffeine COMBO) And a balanced person has plenty of energy to wake up in the morning.  You don't need all these drugs to jump start you, even though you have been conditioned to think so.

UPDATE: Honey with green tea or coffee seems to work for me with no real problems.

WOW!  You can’t believe it.  Why wouldn’t anyone talk about this truth?  Maybe because sick people are easier to milk for money. 

Moving on:

The oil your skin produces is a natural and wonderful home grown product.

Your skin PH levels actually protect you, so adding complex chemicals to the mix probably isn’t the best bet.  Your skin has a naturally, salty ph, which is acid and delays bacterial growth.  Hmmmm.

So, what happens when you wash your face?  Does it destroy the natural oils and ph lvl? 


&quot;if you are a woman, and have makeup,&quot;<br>please note that not only women wear makeup :)
Yeah, that probably is incorrect. Good luck with that notion.<br>
actually, i know some guys that wear make up and such occasionally
You called this &quot;perfect skin&quot;.<br><br>If it works, why no images of somebody (you?) who gained &quot;perfect skin&quot; by following this regime?
At this point, I barely worry about my skin, as my techniques are genuinely perfected. It is all SUGAR. The more you eat, the more your skin will tell you how imbalanced you are. As far as posting pictures of my perfect skin, I could simply photoshop them, so that would prove nothing. The only problems I ever have come from shaving, when I do shave, but I don't shave often. For shaving, it really is about getting your beard nice and warm. I use a personal groomer, as the likelihood of ingrown hairs also is diminished. My cheeks and forehead are perfect, because I don't wash my face often. If my skin is tight, I will use a warm wash cloth as a press, but I always moisturize after, to keep the skin loose, as dry-skin/cracking creates irritation. I really should use some lemon juice and apple cider vinegar as an aftershave, but since I rarely have problems any more, I'm lazy, and simply don't. Oh, oatmeal ground up with powdered non-fat milk is a great scrub/mask.
So, you have absolutely no evidence to back up your claims.<br><br>Sugar has almost none of the bad effects you claim.<br><br>It does not cause cancer, it does not cause spots (the bacteria in spots are living off the sebum (natural greases) of your skin. Your skin cannot excrete sugar).<br><br>You cannot safely eliminate sugar from your diet - honey is largely sugar (with a little water), all fruits contain large amounts of sugar (that's why fruit is sweet).<br><br>There are only three health issues that are genuinely associated with excess sugar in the diet:<br><br>&gt; Tooth decay (so, brush your teeth)<br>&gt; Weight gain (so, exercise)<br>&gt; Issues with some forms of diabetes.<br><br>Teen skin issues are not caused by excess sugar, but by the naturally-occurring increase in sebum production associated with the changing hormones of puberty. Washing your face is about the best thing you can do for that.<br><br>Your skin is &quot;perfect&quot; now? Good for you. That's what happens when you grow up, get through puberty and sebum production settles down.<br><br>So, what we have here are some completely unfounded claims, some industrial-grade libel and some genuinely dangerous &quot;advise&quot; about germs.<br><br>Not good.<br>
You aren't that bright, are you? Sugar or the over-consumption of refined sugar adds cheap energy to every bacteria and virus that hitches rides on your yummy, sugary skin, inside your body, and every other place that gut bacteria thrive. Everything lives on you. You are food to them. You are a carrier. What exactly are you excreting when you sweat? What are the bacteria eating exactly? Water? Are they mixing the water with your skin and eating that? Your skin is made up of what? If micro-organism feeds on sugars just like we do, then were are they getting all their inputs to make someone like you smell so bad. Hormone imbalanced plus diet for teens. How do I know? Ask me? How do I know? You are a fool that understands very little, so I won't try to teach you, but I will stop you from spreading lies. You are a FOOL. There is no such thing as a germ. Your body is a cruise ship of natural organisms that use you as a host. You are DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT! Oh, and all the studied that came late, back up my claims. Just like Newton and Einstein, my claims are proven by science. Learn. Learn faster. You are decaying. Find balance.
Ignorant, eh? So, where are your scientific references to show that humans excrete sugar in their sweat?<br> <br> Newsflash; there are different kinds of microbe, and they have different biochemistries.&nbsp; Microbes in your mouth feed on sugar. The completely different microbes on your skin feed on the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebaceous_gland" rel="nofollow"><em>greases</em> excreted by your skin</a>.<br> <br> But, what would I know?&nbsp; I'm only a Science teacher, I've only been involved in Science for longer than you've been alive.&nbsp; The facts are, it seems, that I've wasted my life - all I needed to do was dream up a bunch of <a href="http://www.insolitology.com/tests/credo.htm" rel="nofollow">woowoo</a>, shout about it and shout libellous insults at anybody that dares to disagree with me, and immediately the whole of reality will reorganise itself to make me correct!&nbsp; You, sir, are a genius!<br> <br>
You do realize that I am an ENTJ and a former teacher, but then again, most teachers I know never excelled in academia. Most teachers that I know are underachievers that had no other options, which also include those with masters in education.<br><br>News flash: your understanding of the biochemistry of microbes is limited, as you do realize that proteins, sugars, and fats can be metabolized only by being converted into sugars. <br><br> &quot;Excess fatty acids, glucose, and other nutrients can be stored efficiently as fat. Triglycerides yield more than twice as much energy for the same mass as do carbohydrates or proteins. All cell membranes are built up of phospholipids, each of which contains two fatty acids. Fatty acids are also used for protein modification. The metabolism of fatty acids, therefore, consists of catabolic processes that generate energy and primary metabolites from fatty acids, and anabolic processes that create biologically important molecules from fatty acids and other dietary carbon sources.&quot;<br><br>Again, it isn't about me pointing out your deficiencies as a teacher. I'm just trying to teach you. Excess energy in a system has to be consumed by something, so by you understanding the conversion of sugars into fats and others excretions, you might better wrap your head around my understanding that you obviously lack.<br><br>I apologize for being right, but that is the world we live in. No one likes to be told they are wrong.
Oh, dear.<br> <br><br> <br>I have no idea what an &quot;ENTJ&quot; is to you*, or what you were a teacher <em>of</em>, but being able to copy-paste <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_acid_metabolism" rel="nofollow">a single paragraph from wikipedia</a> does not make you an expert.<br> <br><br> <br>Quite the opposite, in fact, since you didn't bother to read down to the section that describes the metabolic pathways associated with fats, most especially <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_acid_metabolism#Transport_and_oxidation" rel="nofollow">the part that describes the way fats are metabolised for energy</a> <em>without being converted to sugars on the way.</em><br> <br><br> <br>If you're going to try and cover up your errors with long, googled words that you don't understand, please, don't try it when you're up against a genuine teacher, with a track record of excellence and success.<br> <br><br> <br>But, this isn't about me pointing out the deficiencies in your academic rigour or general honesty, it's about correcting your mistakes and pointing you towards personal progression, as any genuine teacher does.<br> <br><br> <br><sub>*(in the UK, the abbreviation is only used in the much-criticised MBTI personality profiling)</sub><br> <br><br> <br><sub>By the way, I would also appreciate it if you did not libel an entire profession by besmirching it with your own failings.&nbsp; Why you are already a &quot;former teacher&quot; at such a young age is between you and your ex-employer, not an indicator of the capability of your colleagues who are more able to stay the course. </sub>
Copy and pasting is what I call taking information that I don't want to phrase in laymen terms, so that you can't back your way out of your ignorance via a mischaracterization of a process. Why don't you start with POWERHOUSE of the cell, which any 5th grade science teacher can explain to you and then work your way back into that COPY and PASTED information? Would you like to take a few I.Q. tests, since I believe that is the meat of the argument. I'm certain you have an inferior intellectual quotient, as your stances are petty, narrow, and fuzzy in their logic. As your academic pedigree didn't include Myers-Briggs personality type until you needed to google it, I suggest you do some research before &quot;scrawling&quot; an unused acronym. Have you stopped learning as a teacher? Is that what the knowledge gap is about? You know everything a 5th grade science teacher needs to know? I picked apart your logic piece by piece without so much as flinching. In ending, it is my job to point out the flaws in others, so that they can grow and learn. As far as teachers go, they are mostly uneducated, underachievers, which follows into collegiate levels even at the highest of echelons . At no point, was I ever in awe of any of the minds that &quot;taught&quot; me at any level. They were simply place holders, rather than creative thinkers or creative problem solvers. You remind me of them as your stale thoughts bridge no gaps, yet fluster with emotive drivel, relying on disharmonious reasoning. Not to harp on your failings, but I haven't had a reason to write in quite some time, as I've turned my professional career towards highly sophisticated computer animation, rather than my first love. I do love to joust with those that attempt such ambitious gambits. I am truly dismayed to minimize your faulty mental chemistry, but alas, I am a defender of truth, rather than a progenitor of static educated ignorance. You can educate ignorance into anyone and sadly, I believe you are a victim of your own limitations. I pity you, but I do hope LIFE LONG LEARNING still exists somewhere in the abyss that is your mind.
I had to google your acronym because, in the UK, that system was discredited and fell into misuse nearly 20 years ago. <br> <br>Rather than posting such long rambling posts, how about addressing the main point that you were <em>wrong</em> to claim that fats are metabolised into sugars before they are used for energy, and that you are too afraid of being wrong to notice that the copy pasta you tried to use to prove you are right, actually proved you to be <u>wrong</u>. <br> <br>As for that rubbish about copy pasta being an important part of teaching, I think that gives us an insight into the reason you are a <em>former</em> teacher. <br> <br>Now, to reiterate: <br> <br>You do not excrete sugars through your skin. <br>Skin microbes do not subsist on sugar. <br>It is dangerous to remove sugar from your diet. <br>The vast majority of cancers are not linked to, or caused by, sugars. A small numbers of colonic cancers have been linked, with poor statistical strength, to glucose consumption in a small number if people who already have a pr <br>
...oblem metabolising glucose. <br> <br><sub><sub>Oops, that's what happens when you type on a tiny screen.</sub></sub> <br> <br>Anyhoo, you're clearly an obsessive, who only sees what he wants to see, and cannot respond to reasoned argument and clear evidence with anything except ad hominem rants and broad-stroke libellous statements. <br> <br>I can only hope you did not assault the fragile young minds in your [alleged] brief stint as a teacher in the same manner you have been attempting to beat me down. <br> <br>You, sir, are a troll of the first water. <br> <br>You may have the last word, as a sop to your ego, but this is the last feed you get from me. <br> <br>
I'm confused. If your claims are backed by science, then why do professionals such as scientists and doctors say otherwise? It's like i learned back in elementary school: if you have to look through pages and pages of things refuting your claims just to find one things that tell you you're right, you're probably wrong. It's true actual breakthroughs will sometimes be called incorrect, but if that's the case I would like at least one bit of proof you're right.
You are exactly correct.<br><br>The author now claims to be an ex-teacher (but he doesn't say of what), and classifies himself by an inherently-flawed personality-profiling system, as if that somehow makes him automatically right.
You do realize that if science doesn't fund itself, right? You do realize that scientists get PRIVATE money more than they get FEDERAL grants, but also that FEDERAL interests support PRIVATE interests. Oh, and the scientific studies have come out in recent times to support the SUGAR is cancer truth. For some reason, I'm right about so many things, as my ability to filter information from environmental relationships and gleamed from scientific information has this uncanny correlation. The simple truth is that a majority of interests makes tons of money feeding the same broken system. The reason a majority of ancient people's remains included full sets of teeth had to do with their diet, which is striking for the old timers. It is amazing what a difference lean meats and gathered fruits and vegetables do for your teeth. Hi-sugar diet has materialized only in modern times. Uber-cheap production of sugar has made the element something all the masses can enjoy. Cheap energy with in a cell structure creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. The human body is simply a series of single celled organisms teamed up to carry on as a whole. Even our gut flora operates in accord. Every bacteria on and in your body only proves my point, which is that we are cruise ship. The established cells work with so many different dance partners, that when extra sugars enter the system, the ability for imbalance becomes easy. The human face has always been a window to one's health. That is why the face reacts. I see so many people with skin problems that are so obviously connected to stress, diet, and unnatural processes. Shaving is an unnatural process for men, yet the same PRIVATE interests that benefit from the ability to shape cultural memes persist. SHAVE, SHAVE, SHAVE. If you notice actors on television, you might notice that a majority of them have a slight growth. They use trimmers never to go all the way. The reason has to do with this unnatural process of cutting your face. Your immune response is obvious. Now, your blood sugar actually means you have energy sugars in your blood, so any outside bacteria that wants to infect you can and will if you give them openings. So, people that rub and scrub their face will open up the skin, especially if they don't moisturize. The industry that wants to sell you chemicals to kill all the bacteria on your face are a BIG FAT LIE, but obviously, you want to KILL all those NATURAL BACTERIAS, because you like your HI-FAT, SUGAR diet. Haha. Good day.
I think the tin-foil hat is a bit tight today...
Green tea contains caffeine
All was cool until you recommended Cetaphil. Did you know with how many crap common moisturizers are made, right? Did you know that the common moisturizing agent (mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum) they use is foreign to our bodies, right? You missed some parts of your ignorance, recommending common unnatural and chemical-loaded skincare products is exactly the same as being an ignoramuse. Learn a bit more about cosmetic ingredients and you will go on your way. I will recommend something like shea butter, that's not &quot;comedogenic&quot;, or some oil, like argan, grapeseed, hazelnut, camellia, that most oils does NOT causes skin problems as ignorants believed, &quot;oil-free&quot; it's just crap. On the other hand, I think you're really wise, I agree with most of your recommendations.
Did you know that I barely do any of this? Do you know that my skin naturally regulates itself at this point. Also, did you know that you are incorrect with many of your assumptions and a fool for typing ignorant comments to person such as myself, but I forgive you. Ready for this, &quot;non-comedogenic, fragrance free.&quot; Hmmm. Interesting. See, the thing about the internet, is how your comments are locked. I copied and pasted your comments for posterity.
1. Hot water in the shower or a warm wash cloth to open up the pores with a mild soap.<br><br>That's the only point I disagree on in here. Don't put soap on your face, and rinse your shampoo out so that it doesn't touch your face. Find a gentle cleanser with no soap, artificial scents or colours in it. The one I use won't be available to you over in the US, but finding it made a huge difference for me.
Yeah, I don't even use soap on my face, but warm water with a shaving ritual is important. I have perfected the shave by adding one more element. I'm going to look over this instructable since my process has changed slightly, but the sugar is the big one. Plus, my diet has been going more veggies, fruits, and mushrooms more and more.
I don't even shave all the way down or use water. I do a drive shave with groomers and let the dead skin fall off. If I need the dead skin off, I might do a cold splash, but at this point, I just do the hollywood actor shave, which is to not go all the way down. It works well.
Great article! I totally agree with what you said. However you might want to include some sort of exfoliant in your routine. And if you are still looking for a good cleanser/soap raw honey is great. It removes makeup effectively without drying out your skin.
Thanks. I actually have even simplified this approach. I'm thinking of writing another one going over a theory of conduct for sensitive skin that has to do with treating the skin as a canvas. Washing or touching our face at all is a problem. The real idea is less abrasive techniques. A quick apple cider vinegar on cotton balls, then a splash of cold water, and then a facial lotion. It really is about not disturbing the pores.
FYI. I started a low carb hi protein diet for obvious reasons. After I had been on it about 4 months, a skin rash that had plagued me for months finally disappeared. Also, I noticed within two weeks of starting that my skin became softer. This is a rash that did not disappear while I was taking an medicine for pneumonia! My hypothesis was that the rash was fungal and that it had been denied food for propogation. I am inclined to agree about the sugar but not re the caffeine as that has made the hunger from the hi protein diet manageable.
Caffeine actually has its own risks. Anything that takes you out of balance will result in sickness, so besides that, I'm glad you have found your answer. A hi protein diet isn't necessarily your best bet. You should make sure to eat plenty of leafy greens and fiber to strip out the bad stuff. Carbs and sugar are the enemy, but there are good carbs out there, so be careful. Anyway, good luck either way.
That was a very interesting read, thanks for putting it together. I never even thought about sugar as a culprit, though it make sense.
It is a hard one to swallow because sugar is so pervasive in the mainstream food production, so being born into that system, you are taught to blame yourself or your genetics, rather than environmental factors. From sugar cereals to white bread PB and Js as a child, to soda fountains at every fast food joint, your trained on this junk and really don't understand why it creates superficial problems for some while others seem immune. It's hard to really wrap your head around how much sugar is in the food we eat. Most go at problems in superficial manners, rather than peeling back the onion, which is how I realized the connection between dietary sugar intake and bacterial infection rates in facial skin. Your face has evolved as a visual doctor, so self-diagnosis was possible before modern medicine. The sad part is I believe the imbalance of this CHEAP and EASY fuel source creates a majority of the health problems, which include many forms of cancer. Interestingly enough, tooth decay wasn't a problem for man until modern agriculture, because of the Atkins diet that hunter gather societies lived on. Tooth decay is caused by microorganism that produce an acid in your mouth, which is a great case of mutualism destroyed by modern food production. They love the starches and carbs, which is a huge part of your diet, if you think about it. They are basically sugars, which gives a cheap and easy fuel for those bacterium to wreak havoc on childrens' teeth, who because of a simplified food palette, are so easily manipulated by food products that they shouldn't be. I should do a write up on the fallacies of fluoride in toothpaste and talk about the real solution to tooth decay, but maybe I'll save that for another day. I'm glad the information is useful to you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I decided to watch what I eat a little more carefully. I heard that too much stomach acid in teens can also cause breakouts, so I have trying to monitor my intake of greasy food as well. Now I eat bananas and I drink milk instead of juice.
Milk is also a cause for breaking out because of all the hormones packed in cow milk. I drank less milk and my acne is getting much better. If you need calcium, just buy calcium pills.

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