Make your own Personal Pin Cushion Ring! Always looking for your pin cushion while sewing? This Personal Pin Cushion may be worn while you sew---keeping your pins and needles within reach.

This recycled project is made using a soft drink or water bottle plastic cap and fabric scraps!

Great project for groups of students, Girl Scouts or beginning sewers. I have been making this easy to make Personal Pin Cushion with my middle school home ec students for several years now. The students love to wear them while hand sewing and often make extras for gifts!

Make a Fashion Statement the next time you Sew! Make and wear a Personal Pin Cushion Ring!
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Picture of SUPPLY LIST
Gather the following supplies:

-Clean plastic lid from plastic soda or water bottle
-4" Diameter template or small bowl (for tracing circle pattern onto the fabric)
-Pencil/ pen
-Needle and about 28" of any color thread (the thread won't be visible when the project is completed)
-Fabric scrap
-6" of small elastic cord (not beading elastic cord--it's too flimsy)
-About one handfull of fiberfill (may be inexpensively purchased or remove from an old pillow---Note: Do not substitute a cotton ball for the fiberfill- it will not work as is too dense for the needles/pins to pass through when compressed by the fabric pin cushion top!)
-Drill (I used a manual hand drill to bore two holes in the plastic cap---if manking lots of pin cushion rings, use an electric drill and pre-drill all the caps!)
-Glue gun and glue stick

Note: All items are NOT pictured...use the list!


-Make sure that your lids are clean and dry.

-Use a drill and make two small holes in each lid.

Depending on the age of the crafters, you may want to have an adult pre-drill all the holes and have the lids ready.
doniseg1 month ago

THANK YOU. i love this. plus you gave me more ideas.god bless you love donise feb 22,2015 12pm amen thanks again

bubbleylady4 years ago
I'm always looking for new ideas when I participate in Boutiques at my local community Park,church or school. This is a great idea! I think I will use velcro strips instead of elastic so the ring can be sized to different fingers.Thanks for the idea!
Sariko5 years ago
I just made one of these for my grandmother for Christmas, she does a lot of beadwork and needlework. It turned out adorably and it's just the right size. Great idea - thanks a lot!
bubbles9835 years ago
well, i am a big sewer and i have THOUSANDS of fabric scraps and NO place to put my needles and pins! this is perfect! and its even better because you can wear it on your hand!!! portable!! :) thanks for the great idea and keep on craftin' craftmatic!
secretsoto5 years ago
you have inspired me i am going to make a lot of this with my children thank you and await more projects
Mario 1up Mushroom anyone?
SuzNTX5 years ago
Wow--that is so cute and it looks easy--my kind of project. Thanks for sharing. Suzanne in TX
This is a super idea! Finally a good use for all of my fabric scraps. The instructions are very clear and colorful, and this idea is beyond creative. I know from sewing experience that pins can easily be lost, but this easy hands free pin cushion is fabulous!