Step 11: The Base

With hot glue, glue one soda bottle cap to the bottom of the bottle. Nothing sticks to PET, so you have to put hot glue "rivets",  just let the hot glue go through the holes and then glue the soda bottle cap.

Put the threaded tube into the bottle through the bottom hole. Place the second soda bottle cap at the other end and screw it to the bottle neck.

Pass through the hole of the elliptical base the threaded tube and screw the hex nut to the threaded tube.

<p>Thank you, still holding up as my bed side table lamp.</p>
<p>Nice work.</p><p>I like the way you made all parts of the lamp , including the base..</p><p>Looks very good too , well done.</p>
<p>I have been looking for something like this for a long time. This is AWESOME!! Thank you!!! :-)</p>
How did it hold up with the heat of the lamp on it?
I use a fluorescent saving power lamp, it hold up quite well. But if you use a led light bulb will be even better. Don't ever use a normal light bulb! It will melt the whole thing up!
I wonder if gel pens would work for multiple different color possibilities or whether their ink composition is too different.
wonderful,amazing,awesome, many thanks from Iran.
Have no compliments enough to give you. IT IS A MASTERPIECE. Thanks a lot!
Thanks to every one for the nice comments. Sorry for the horrible English, is not my first language.
Wow. Beautiful work.
This is brilliant!! I also thought at some point you'd used stained glass and then when I read through your instructable I was blown away. Very, very intricate work .... well done!
That is amazing! I thought it was real stained glass when I clicked on it! Very beautiful :)
Thank you so much for your comment. Is my first instructable, thank you again!

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