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I have built an LED carpet stairs for my dog Max. Being 5 years old now, he had problems jumping on top of the bed. This only took a 1/2 day to build. I used plywood, then stapled carpet to finish the job. I used a BOSCH DS160 Series "request-to-exit" motion detector. (used for card access control systems). I have used the normaly open and command terminals of the PIR to turn on and off the GREEN LED's. I then punched thru the plywood using a 1/4inch drill bit on each stair, to mount the LED's. Then soldered a 1K resistor in series with it. I used a 12 volt DC plug-in transformer to power them up. I set the trigger on the PIR so when MAX walks up to the stairs, the LED's light up for approx 20 seconds, plenty of time for him to run up!. Now, he uses the stairs ALL-OF-THE-TIME!!!

Step 1: Back Side

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Here is the back side of the stairs where I stapled the carpet and inserted the LEDS

Step 2:

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This is the front view included the BOSCH PIR

Step 3:

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Finished product.

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Databanks (author)2015-02-07

Aww, stairs with foot-lighting. Who has a spoiled dog? That's a great idea

SparkySolar (author)2014-10-26

Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it


nodoubtman (author)2013-04-25

Cool! :)

prettykitty1337 (author)2009-06-17

does this work for cats?

Bad2Grim (author)prettykitty13372009-10-10

cats usually jump long distances and heights ,but i do see y not

DraakUSA (author)Bad2Grim2012-12-13

Older cats, and arthritic cats have problems jumping as high as they used to. Our 8 year old cat doesn't jump straight onto the bed anymore, but uses boxes we have at the foot of the bed. Thanks for the instructable, I'm thinking of making one for our cat.

Yasamin2304 (author)2009-10-10

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sorry.. aussie lingo :P

tony112 (author)Yasamin23042009-10-11

Hey!, thanks for writing back.  Max is a "LAB-MIX" ( do I dare state that he is half Lab & half pit bull)  Some people FREAK-OUT if you tell them he is half pit bull.

He is the most handsome, gentle, hug giving, lap dog, baby, I have ever known!

Take care,

tinker234 (author)tony1122011-07-13

hey tonny hows max doing dont worry about him being a pit bull or half they are nice when trained so it is up to you

Yasamin2304 (author)tony1122009-10-11

my uncle used to have a pit bull and he was adorable! He was called Samson hehee

zack247 (author)2010-04-01

i have 2 miniature poodles, 1 is 6 and the other is 14 going on 15. he used to always sleep on the bed but since he has arthritis he just cant jump up anymore. this just may be exactly what he needs! why does everyone italizize what they say?

cutie18674 (author)2010-03-07

I have a staffordshire bull terrier and her name is Trouble.  She is awsome13 years and has had cancer for 9 of the years and is still running and playing.  She is amazing.  She has gone deaf, but you wouldn't know.  I show her the leash and she is ready.  When we walk up the swtairs, she will stop for me to remove her leash.  This enables me not to have to bend since I have a bad back. 

Yasamin2304 (author)2009-10-09

Is he a staffy?

tony112 (author)Yasamin23042009-10-10

Sorry, I am not familiar with the term "staffy".  Please E me back.   Thanks

mudler (author)2009-10-01

cool project I'm putting in a loft bed and this is perfect so my dog can come up.

tony112 (author)mudler2009-10-01

Im glad I could help!!....its been months now and he still uses it ALL THE TIME, he won't even jump off the bed anymore, he loves the stairs so much. Take care

dreambox (author)2009-05-07

i have a Dackel or Teckel but walking Stairs is really bad for them i just want to say its not for all dogs

regisd (author)dreambox2009-07-19

You could make a ramp like this if your dog has trouble with stairs.

Anoniempje (author)2009-04-09

The stairs look awesome. I do wonder if it is healthy and/or sanitary to have a dog lie on the bed. I learned my pets not to go upstairs.

tony112 (author)Anoniempje2009-04-09

Not at ALL....He gets a bath every other weekend, with a special VET shampoo. The sheets are washed two times a week. He is a GOOD friend and companion. I really can NOT see him sleeping on the floor!!! Besides, he loves sleeping under the covers, he gets cold sometimes!!

Squash (author)tony1122009-06-18

If some people had the same appreciation for pets as we obviously do, the fact that they are sleeping in the bed would not be a problem whatsoever. If you keep up on their monthly flea, heart worm and weekly grooming, there would be nothing to worry about. Thank you for the great idea and for giving your pet a lovely home.

Coati (author)2009-04-25

I always wanted to do this but just do not have the room, my solution was to just lose the bed frame.You have certainly done a beautiful job.And on another subject, people who question me about allowing my dogs on the furniture usually don't come back.They live here and if you don't respect that you probably won't be invited back.

hellstudios (author)2009-04-08

.....I always heard (even in school!) that dogs could see in the dark, is this true?

tony112 (author)hellstudios2009-04-09

Ya..........I was just bored one weekend!!...

lemonie (author)2009-04-07

That does look good, like a cinema or aeroplane. Does Max (my grandmother had 3 by that name...) need / use the lights? (I'm nort too sure about dog-eyesight) L

S0DIUM (author)lemonie2009-04-07

well, it might be a good idea for the dog owner doesn't walk into it. Well sleepy and in the dark.

tony112 (author)S0DIUM2009-04-08

The cool thing, is that I am not married!! Max gets one side of the King (which his stairs are on) and I get the other side. That way I don't ever have to move them out of the way or stuble into them...........

tony112 (author)lemonie2009-04-08

Na...I just ran out of White and Blue LED's at the time. I think he probably sees some sort of greyish light come on though. He is Osessive Compulsive over his GREEN laser pointer!!, so I know he sees something. I was bored one afternoon, and had to make something for my beloved best friend!!

Nastan (author)2009-04-08

ur dog looks exactly like my dog lol

stephenniall (author)2009-04-08

Awwww Im sorry but it Must be a Funny thing to watch a dog of his size going up stairs to the bed I have a black lab half his size and she used to get under my bed (Until she broke the main support Thats why i have a divan now) Hehe

SinAmos (author)2009-04-07

Cute stuff.

Father Christmas (author)2009-04-07

hmm. my dog sure could use this. she is pushing 11 this year. she doesnt like to jump anymore.

keydogstony (author)2009-04-07

Nice to see that the dog is loved! Great Work!

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