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This was a group project done in my first year of architecture school. The objective of the project was to create a plane (floor, wall, ceiling, partition, anything planar really) out of used objects(our group happens to choose 2 litre PET soda bottles.....1200++ of them). I am not sure people would actually see this and replicate the whole thing,nevertheless i hope you will enjoy it

Step 1: Materials and Tools

2 Litre PET soda bottles, a mixture of clear and green bottles.(we went dumpster diving for a few days to get all the bottles)

Hot wire for cutting foam (in this case used for cutting the bottles)

Some medite to make couple of jig

Hole saw drill bit that would make a hole just big enough for the mouth of the soda bottles

safety mask to protect yourself from the toxic fume when cutting the bottles with hot wire cutter

Step 2: Cut the Bottles

Clean the inside of the bottles and remove most, if not all of the labels.

Cut as many bottles as you wish.

You will end up with four parts, the mouth, upper, middle and bottom.

Flatten the bottle, put it in jig 2 and drill the four holes.

The middle part of the bottle once pressed and flattened will be the building block of the plane, the mouth becomes the connector between individual building block.

Do not throw the upper and bottom part of the bottle, they are essential for the structural integrity of the plane.

Step 3: Assembly

Now that you have amassed a large amount of these bottle parts, its time to put them together.

The assembling of one bottle to another is quite self explanatory.
overlap the flatten and drilled , put the mouth of bottle through the hole, screw the cap on.

to stand the plane up, our idea was to create a pocket in the plane so that it can be filled with the upper and bottom part of the bottle hence creating wider base.

Step 4: ENJOY!

I still have all the bottle parts in the basement waiting for their uncertain future if your'e living in the Chicago area and want to take them away please leave a comment. I hope you guys enjoy my very first Instructables, i will leave you with some pictures of the finished project and as D.r. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. say " EMMY PLEASE!" (or in this case Solar-powered backpack from Voltaic, the Converter please!)



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This is a really great idea--I need a separator for my apartment, but I'm going to try a less rippled effect. I think I'm going to drill holes in the corners instead and wire the pieces together. That way they can be suspended from the ceiling or a framework. Thanks for the inspiration!

instead of using wire you could make string from the bottles and use that to tie and string them up. Look up "string" from plastic bottles on here. It's an easy ible to do and it's completely green.

if you get dark colored bottles you could make a wall separator. Thanks for the idea.

good idea for some walling or roofing!!

wait, this isn't public art?

I'm making a lamp right now with pet bottles.. but I have too many so.. i might do something like this as well!! is an amazing idea!!! congratulations!!

How did you flatten the middles? Why is that not explained? Just put a brick on top?

Once he cut off bottom and "upper" he had a ring he did not cut this ring he simply squished it flat making a square which is kept flat by the bolts

He didn't they're open if you look at the last pic.

Last pic of Instructable doesn't tell me anything new. Which pic are you talking about? In step three he mentions 'flatten' at least twice. Maybe it only has to be held flat during drilling? He has that nice picture of them stacked in a box, but could be they're not really flat, just jammed in. So, a non-issue? Or maybe you could reverse every other one in a checkerboard pattern and all the curves would cancel out?