Picture of PEZ Attachment for Camera with
You want people not to look unhappy on your photos? Build this necessary enhancement for your camera, which you can slip on the Cameras "Hot Shoe".*
It is also useful when taking photos of children. They can earn some sweets if they smile.

I discovered this idea of camera tuning at this website.

*Mounting point for external flash

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
You need:
- a PEZ sweets dispenser
- a saw (maybe a knife will do as well)
- a file (if you want to do it especially pretty)

and of course a camera with hot shoe

noahh8 years ago
This is awesome! I would love to do this however, my camera does not have a hot shoe. I dont even know what a hot shoe is! (What is it?) Is there any way to do it without having to glue it to my camera?
a 'hot shoe' is the socket in the top of SLR cameras that allows it to attach a larger flash or a remote for a much larger flash, these are usually used by professionals.
Groovie7 years ago
Got some nice smiley faces on my kids... Lol
Awesome fun! I've never properly learned how to take decent pictures with a flash - now I have something useful to use that awkward clippy thing on top of my camera for.
lol my mom collects pez.