PEZ Pocket-gun





Introduction: PEZ Pocket-gun

What you need:

PEZ candy dispenser

Sharp Scissors

Step 1: Get a PEZ Dispenser

You can buy them in most stores like walmart, target, dollar general, etc.

Step 2: Off With It's Head!

Once you've got a PEZ,

take some sharp scissors and kill that little dispenser!

(Chop it's head off)

Step 3: More Cutting!

Right about where the end of the pencil, in the photo

there should be a plastic stub thingy.

You'll need to cut that off as well.

Note: I already cut mine off which is why I used the pencil to show you.

Step 4: Have Some Fun!

This little pocket-gun can launch many small things like pencil erasers, dried corn, small LEGO pieces, etc.

To shoot, at the bottom of the gun, where the stand is, push your ammo in there, then grab the plastic piece from the top that sticks out, and pull it back until it locks. Then aim it. To fire simply, push the long plastic piece in and, WHAM, there it goes!

Thanks :D



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That's a fun project! I love PEZ!