Hack your PEZ dispenser with your USB stick and glowing LED's for eyes. After I finished this I searched and found other PEZ USB hacks but none I could find with "glowing LED's for eyes".

I wanted to to create this and still have a functioning PEZ dispenser but to my disdain the Cruizer was much too big and took up almost all my PEZ candy space and ended up only able to fit 3 pieces of PEZ candy into PEZ USB 2.0.

For this project I used.
1 C-3PO PEZ Dispenser U.S. Patent 4.966.305
1 SanDisk Cruizer mini 128 MB (because thats all I had available)
2 green LED's
Small wire, solder, soldering iron
drill with small bit to bore out C-3P0's eyes.
Electrical and Scotch tape
Small vice
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Step 1: Prep the device.

Crack open the USB device to reveal it's insides. I wish I would have had a smaller device to work with because the Cruizer is a little too long. Most of the inside container of the PEZ dispenser will need to be hacked away to fit the Cruizer inside.

I had to crack the device open because if I just tried to stuff it in with the cover, it fits crooked. Since the bottom of the PEZ dispenser is slotted in the middle, I found that if I crack the device open and use just half of the cover taped together with electrical tape, it fit perfectly.
jinrowolf5 years ago
good idea poor planing you should use a mini usb port for the mouth and attached the flash drive in side
=SMART=6 years ago
Super awesome !! I gotta try this !!
ross3536 years ago
they way that it sticks out the bottem can be very simply altered by makeing a simple docking station whcih can be used for any usb device. all you need to do is get a female usb extender cut the holes and hot glue the pieces in.
=SMART= ross3536 years ago
Gotta love the energy drinks !!
Head Wound6 years ago
Now only if I can figure out how to dispense candy at the same time. Ether way good work.
Obsessive6 years ago
Great USB hack idea. Great LED idea. Great instructable. Well done.
GrimTheLost7 years ago
This was a cool idea, I did an R2-D2 one and it looks awesome. Thanks for making this instructable.
I personally think it would improve the effect if the LED on the USB stick was removed, so that it would not glow in the mid section, but it looks nice!
Oh that is pretty wicked.
noahw8 years ago
Nice job! I really like this instructable. Pez containers are great cases to mod because of the multitude of head options. The LED eyes are a great touch.
CowGuy8 years ago
i found out now that they have a PEZ mp3 player! Are they gonna make a Mr. potato head mp3 player now? Soon all classic stuff will be rebuilt it to some fancy thingy.
oskay8 years ago
Cool! Seriously awesome project. I love the LEDs in the eyes!
Dark_Helmet8 years ago
Awesome! What kind of comp is that?
stone34088 years ago
Great instructable! Good pics and good instructions. Double bonus points for the eyes! Just out of curiosity did you put a meter on the leads that you tapped from the led on the board? If so what was the voltage? If not what were the voltage requirements for the leds that you used? I would love to use this idea some other applications.