Picture of PHONE  STAND
In this instructables I will show you how to make a phone stand.
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Step 1: TOOLS

Picture of TOOLS
2013-04-10 16.35.58.jpg
  We need :
- electric saw
- the ruler
- sand paper
- plexiglass

Step 2: The Components #1

Picture of The Components #1
We cut the components whit electric saw. The components have imperfections. Thes can be removed whit sand paper.

Step 3: The Components #2

Picture of The Components #2
The components were cut.
Now we need a meccano components:
 - 6 
 - 6
 - 2 

Step 4: Assembling the top part

 For assembling we need :

- meccano keys
- glue
- scissors
- red and white band



Step 1...

  We cover the short components whit white band, and big components whit red band. Don't cover the hole ! is the hole for camera.

Step 2...

 Assembling the phone holder.
  Glue the short components to big components.

We done the top part !!

Step 5: Assembling the middle part

For assembling the middle part we need the meccano components.

 Assemble as shown in pictures.

Step 6: Final assembling

Picture of Final assembling
2013-04-10 17.53.56.jpg
2013-04-10 17.55.02.jpg
2013-04-10 17.56.08.jpg
Now we glue the top part to middle part to basis.

Step 7: THE END !

Picture of THE END !