The dream is real.

While this pie appears to have nothing to do with pi, its construction had everything to do with the use of pi. Just as pi is complex, so is our pie. Each bite brings with it a new depth as your mouth is transformed with the changing flavours and textures. You travel from the seed-filled sweetness of the raspberry, down into the bitter-sweet wonders of the blueberry filled midlands. Once you hit the innermost level your mouth will receive the smooth texture of the spiced apple and cranberry. There will always be the unlucky few who get caught in the emptiness of limbo, not knowing where to bite next. The maze top also provides a whole other realm outside of the sweetened filling that can serve as a pathway to your slice through the skilfully placed inception points leading into the various levels below. Or it can just serve as a fun game to play with berries. These adventures are best when shared and enjoyed with close friends.
Pie in action:   

Step 1: The Making of PI-CEPTION: Part 1

The Crust

5 cups All Purpose Flour
1½ cup Shortening
3 Tbls Butter, chilled
2 Tsp Salt
14 Tbls Water

Toss together flour and salt. In a medium size bowl, cut butter and shortening into flour until pea size crumbs form. Add water gradually until the dough can be mound together. Lightly pack the dough into a ball and cover with plastic wrap. Place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.
Yo dawg, I herd you like dreams about pie, so I put pi in your pie in your dream, so you can dream while you eat while you dream about eating. <br><br>WE NEED TO GO DEEPER.<br><br>...&gt;.&lt;
This is still my favorite pi-day pie ever. Amazing.
I am in awe.
The Pi is real, not complex (or imaginary!) It is however irrational.
Brings new meaning to play with your food! :) What's the connection to pi? Am I missing another level?
It is a lot of fun! You should try making it and playing it. Pi is involved in making the pie, the circumference of the inner circles, the volume of the different fillings, everything. It is part of everything we do in life. It is truly the circle constant.
Haha! I suppose that is true! Everytime you have any circle, you have pi...wish you could say the same for pie, yum. :)
i must admit Im impressed, and it takes a lot to wow me ! you have really opened my mind to a whole set of possibilities...
I'm glad you enjoy it. Just think, its the perfect dessert to a turducken dinner.
Anyone else notice that it looks like a pi-symbol in the pie too!
Absolutely Awesome!
Looks so delicious. <br>Just the top alone looks like it would be a lot of fun.<br>Here's hoping you win!
Wow, this is amazing! Fantastic job, I am in awe.
Just like a communal dream!
&quot;inception? meh, the pie was better&quot;
i want it in and around my mouth right now !
i want to jam it down my throat
this pie is just amazing. pure ingenuity and creativity.
a pie you can play with AND eat.....you just made my wildest dream come true!
This is awesome. Wow! Way to go guys.
There are just so many levels to this. Unreal. WINNER!
Awesome! Love the variety of fillings.
Wow, that is incredible.

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