Step 4: The Making of: Part 4

Making of the top :
5 circles:
11.25cm radius = 70.7cm circumference
9.25cm radius = 58.1cm circumference
7.25cm radius = 45.6cm circumference
5.25cm radius = 33.0cm circumference
3.25cm radius = 20.4cm circumference

Roll out dough.
Cut-out strips 5cm wide by at least each of the lengths above.
Lay out strips in a circular manner curving the strips in a half-pipe, as though you are starting to fold them in half.
Place the sides of the half-pipes flush against one another. Stick them together using egg white and pressing together the sides so they adhere. Don’t worry about being delicate; better to press the dough together firmly. Treat the dough like plasticine or clay.
Cut out holes and build walls to create the maze using leftover bits of clay to complete the maze.
Match the top up with the filling and cut out holes into each of the levels, including “limbo”.

Use egg white to adhere the maze top to the filling bottom.
Brush the top with an egg wash and bake at 400F for 20min until golden brown.
Let pie cool.

Remove from springform pan. Now enjoy playing with the maze on top, trying to roll the berry into its respective inception point. Check out our attempts: