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Introduction: PI + PIE GRAPH + PIE

Pi Day Pie Challenge

First Prize in the
Pi Day Pie Challenge

What happens when you put ¨pi¨, ¨pie graph¨and ¨pie¨ together?! 
After lots of brainstorming, I have decide to use pie's closest relative, "tart", to help me realize my idea. 
This is my proposal for this year's Pi Day Pie Challenge. 

I have chosen chocolate pastry cream instead of the classic vanilla flavor to match the color tone of the fruits. And I found the cape gooseberry makes an excellent highlight amongst the other berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and pomegranate). I can also see the possibility of trying many combinations with different fruits.

As I am not a super experienced baker, I have sourced the recipes of the crust and filling from my favorite food blog: Serious Eats! I found the recipes very well written, not to mention a bonus slide show that explains the steps in detail. That´s why I have illustrated a representation of the web page instead of repeating the actual recipes.

After many hours of planning, baking, drawing and photographing, here is the result...


Step 1: PI + PIE GRAPH + PIE

Step 2: Ingredients - Pâte Sucrée

Step 3: Ingredients - Chocolate Pastry Cream

Step 4: Ingredients - Topping

Step 5: Pâte Sucrée 1/4


Step 6: Pâte Sucrée 2/4

Step 7: Pâte Sucrée 3/4

Step 8: Pâte Sucrée 4/4

Step 9: Chocolate Pastry Cream 1/2


Step 10: Chocolate Pastry Cream 2/2

Step 11: Topping 1/7

Step 12: Topping 2/7

Step 13: Topping 3/7

Step 14: Topping 4/7

Step 15: Topping 5/7

Step 16: Topping 6/7

Step 17: Topping 7/7

Step 18: PI + PIE GRAPH + PIE =



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    3.14159265358 far as I remember.

    I love the creative Pics + your very interesting and tasty point of view!

    Thank you everyone for your kind words!

    the most beautiful and tasteful i presume pie.....and the winner for competintion!!!

    good luk.....5/5*

    wow, i love this, well done :)
    could be helpful for large families who have pie filling disagreements

    I love the whole comic book narrative, go Jenny!

    Bonus points for the use of cape gooseberries! Good on ya! I love them and it's a shame they're not more commonly found in stores here.

    Thank you very much!!
    It's my first "instructable", so glad to know you like it! : )