Step 9: Chocolate Pastry Cream 1/2

<p>3.14159265358 far as I remember.</p>
I love the creative Pics + your very interesting and tasty point of view! <br>
Thank you everyone for your kind words!
the most beautiful and tasteful i presume pie.....and the winner for competintion!!!<br><br><br>good luk.....5/5*
wow, i love this, well done :)<br>could be helpful for large families who have pie filling disagreements<br>VOTED!
I love the whole comic book narrative, go Jenny!
Bonus points for the use of cape gooseberries! Good on ya! I love them and it's a shame they're not more commonly found in stores here.
I love it! So beautifully presented!
Me too. Very pretty.
Thank you very much!! <br>It's my first &quot;instructable&quot;, so glad to know you like it! : )
Excellent! Love the instructions and the project!<br>
Very good! The title photo is so sharp and enticing, I want to take a bite of the screen.
This is one of the best Instructables I've seen yet. A great end result documented and presented in lovely fashion. You should be proud of this one.

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