This is simple thermometer with just few components.
The brain is PIC16F84A and sensor is DS18B20
Range of sensor is -55 to 125°C is possible if ONLY the sensor is in that area not the whole device!
The schematic and other stuf to make this thermometer you can find on my blog:

maco PIC Projects

<p>please. killahill13@gmail.com</p>
Hi, I'm trying to build this, but because the lack of some information regarding translation I'm not able to mount this circuit. I think my problem is from the ds18B20 to the 0.1uf capacitor and the battery... When I put 5v through the circuit, my 4x 7led display goes on, but nothing happens.... They are all on 0000... Can somebody help me please?
is there an asm file of this with english comment?not other languages?coz i cant understand the program...
<p>google translator works fine,shall I translate it for you?</p>
I also made a handheld version of it with cr2032 cell,skipping the resistors of display to give them just enough charge.
I made one too just like you'r one- <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-pACEhACZw
Good job suraj.
What does those two arrows represent? General male contact
had a hard time figuring out russian schematic <br>those arrows are representing that those are connected to ic. <br>will upload a schematic soon <br>and also show pics of my version
link on blog to HEX code does not work, please post here&nbsp;or provide a new link<br /> <br /> Thanks&nbsp;
&nbsp;I check the link it's OK
<a href="http://www.pic16.nm.ru/site/thermometer/thermometer_soft.zip" rel="nofollow">http://www.pic16.nm.ru/site/thermometer/thermometer_soft.zip</a><br /> <br /> This link does not work, can you email me the file.<br /> <br /> Thanks
<img alt="" class="TB_Button_Image" src="https://www.instructables.com/static/fckeditorV8444/editor/images/spacer.gif" style="background-image: url(https://www.instructables.com/static/fckeditorV8444/editor/skins/silver/fck_strip.gif);background-position: 0.0px -528.0px;" />hello again<br /> And here is other link to download the <a href="http://download473.mediafire.com/xyxydnfldfmg/wgd3ojmmqwl/thermometer_soft+%284%29.zip" rel="nofollow">hex code<br /> <br /> </a>
thankyou, you are most kind
&nbsp;If you need any &nbsp;help,just email me.<br /> Regards
he is probably multiplexing the two led displays <br /> the thing is that this is not an instructable mate its just a video of how your project works ... so please provide with the steps ?/<br />
Where is the second LED display on schematics?<br />
The thermometer in original schematis is with 4 segments,but I built it with 2 segments,other 2 show when thermometer is measuring below zero and other show half degree,example 26.0 or 26.5<br />
I understand that, but I can`t recognize second LED display on schematics... I see just one! How to wiring second?<br />
Here is picture,I think I helped.<br /> <br />
Ok! I understand...&nbsp; RB0-RB7 is a same for first and second number! RA0,RA1-Anode<br /> I found DS 18B20+...Is it ok?<br /> <br />
Yes,RA0 for first and RA1 for second number(anode)<br /> And sensor is ok DS18B20<br /> If you make post some pics.<br /> Regards maco bt
can i replace the thermic sensor used with&nbsp;a lm35 one with minimum modification?
I dont know about that, I&nbsp;am not profesional in programming,sorry<br />
excuse my &quot;complicated-preision&quot; questions...i'm not very good at this...i need to ask you: are those led displays you use,common &nbsp;anode or cathode ones?does it make any diference?mine's have a double common anode pins with op. voltage between 1.8-2.2V.and the second question is why did you used 15k resistor(alot of ohms) for the pic and the led displays....you use 5 volts for powering the pic...isn't that the actual op. voltage of the pic anyway?Thanxs in advance!
The ds18b20 uses Dallas' one wire protocol. To use a lm35 you just need a A/D converter which most uC's have.<br /> <br /> Mike<br />
uu thanks&nbsp;
dude join my group!!!!!!<br />
What group??<br />
Looks good - how about posting the project over here (as an Instructable) as well as on your blog?<br /> <br /> <br />

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