Piezoelectric generator

Pressure ------> Electrical

10 ~ 120V AC electrical output

Made Shoes generator

Capacitor charging, melody, digital clock

Experiment is possible....

<p>soooo are you going to show us how its done? this is not an advertising forum. this is a place to share skills and knowledge. If that is not your intent please remove your 'ible.</p>
<p>Hi, </p><p>yes, I would also try to figure out, how one little thing like that piezo speaker creates so much energy to power all those LEDs. </p><p>I just build one setup up with a 1mu Capacitor and a Rectifier but am barely able to power the LED. Takes me 10 presses to charge the capacitor to get a small flash out of it. Far from what I see here. </p>
There is no way that piezo is powering that many LEDs. If this is so expand upon what you have done in detail
<p>buy it on Ebay people</p><p>here's the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Piezo-Generator-KIT-/190969042206</p>
<p>buy it on Ebay people </p><p>here's the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Piezo-Generator-KIT-/190969042206</p>
<p>what are the materials to make a piezo generator</p>
<p>were does one get a Piezo Generator?</p>
<p>I agree with both gatush and rimrar2000. In fact, I might even call shenanigans on this one, based on questionable slight-of-hand shown in the other video. I find it odd that it powers that many LEDs when a finger was almost brushed against it, but maybe a tiny piezo can generate more electricity than I thought. More explanation (and not just a &quot;this is the end result of what I did&quot;) would be much appreciated.</p>
I agree with rimar2000. It would be great to have some explanation.
Interesting, maybe you could add more explanations.

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