Piezoelectric generator

Pressure ------> Electrical

10 ~ 120V AC electrical output

Made Shoes generator

Capacitor charging, melody, digital clock

Experiment is possible....

ipatwong2 months ago


yes, I would also try to figure out, how one little thing like that piezo speaker creates so much energy to power all those LEDs.

I just build one setup up with a 1mu Capacitor and a Rectifier but am barely able to power the LED. Takes me 10 presses to charge the capacitor to get a small flash out of it. Far from what I see here.

You should use bridge diode to convert the current to dc

nbenson11 year ago
There is no way that piezo is powering that many LEDs. If this is so expand upon what you have done in detail
nihalr nbenson14 months ago

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nihalr4 months ago

buy it on Ebay people

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what are the materials to make a piezo generator

were does one get a Piezo Generator?

aws9101 year ago

I agree with both gatush and rimrar2000. In fact, I might even call shenanigans on this one, based on questionable slight-of-hand shown in the other video. I find it odd that it powers that many LEDs when a finger was almost brushed against it, but maybe a tiny piezo can generate more electricity than I thought. More explanation (and not just a "this is the end result of what I did") would be much appreciated.

GATUSH1 year ago
I agree with rimar2000. It would be great to have some explanation.
rimar20002 years ago
Interesting, maybe you could add more explanations.