If you know someone who loves POKEMON as much as my little brother, these cupcakes are the ones to make!

- Cake mix/ cupcakes premade
- Frosting of your choice( white)
- Graham cracker
- Gel food coloring (yellow and black)
- Candy (i used Starburst and gum drops and chocolate chips)

- Cutting board
- Scissors
- Knife
- Bowl and spoon for mixing
- Toothpicks
- Rolling Pin

Step 1: Yellow Icing

Make cupcakes however you like.  my oven is still broken so i chose to buy pre-made ones.=]

Now that you have your cupcake, tint your icing with yellow food coloring gel. Gel keeps the consistency of the frosting stable and just overall a lot better that liquid food coloring.

When you get the right shade apply it onto the cupcake.

cute...how do i vote<br>
click contest above, then scroll down till u see &quot;CUPCAKE CONTEST&quot; then find pikachu.=] thanks much<br><br>oh wait try this link and then look for pikachu!.=]<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/contest/cupcake/?show=ENTRIES&amp;sort=RECENT&amp;limit=18&amp;offset=117
omg this is so cool!!

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