Picture of PIR Alarm Arduino Motion Sensor (with Encasing)
This is a guide on how to make a motion detector with an arduino! Enjoy!

Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed
Arduino Uno microcontroller
Breadboard, Mini
PIR sensor, SE-10
Jumper wires
Piezo Buzzer
LED, any size or type
kemkem429 months ago
Nice project. I could use a similar sensor in my own project (alarm with arduino and rpi, with motion detection cam)
You can check it here http://dev.kprod.net/?q=intrusion-alarm-arduino-raspberrypi-camera-motion-aalarm
ConductorX1 year ago

I am not clear on the pull up 10K resistor. Can you provide a circuit sketch? The photo is not clear.

ITMuncie1 year ago
I keep getting an error on "Serial.begin(9600);" "serial was not declared in this scope".

Any idea what I need to change?
EET19823 years ago
Very cool! I just received my Adruino Uno in the mail and this is one of the projects that is helping me learn more about it. :) Thanks alot for the Instructable!