Picture of PIR Sensor Security
Have you ever wanted to have some way to protect your room, now you can. This is an easy project that can be easily built. It shoots pencils, pens, and much more.

What I made: It is simply a servo activated crossbow. IT is made of a motor, some wood, Arduino, rubber bands, and a PIR sensor. It uses a servo to set it off. It shoots cylindrical objects.

How I made it: I build this using pieces of wood found around the house and electronic parts I already had. I used hot glue and screws to hold it together. I worked by myself. I first thought of doing it out of Lego Technic parts, but thought that wood would be stronger.

Where I made this: I made this at my house spending some of my time in my room.

What I learned: I learned that Arduino can be good for many things, I also learned about passive sensors, and how simple parts can be powerful.

Step 1:

ddug1 year ago

please upload a video for this project.....

Ploopy2 years ago
nodoubtman2 years ago
a video would be great!
robo103022 years ago
Will u put up a video for this instructable ?