This is a project that i am currently working on, i will continue to post info and pictures as i progress. It started out as a basic wood playset, then the creativity set in.this is all custom made not a kit you buy from the store, with the exception of the original creative playthings swingset.I will take and post a video this week along with the pictures of the process and information. having a large family reunion this weekend with over 15 kids, can't wait to see them all play on this.thank you for taking the time to preview this. any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Just add a water balloon sling shot and I'll be happy

    this is really awesome I love making things. matter of fact I built the first hurricane house in florida , but I wished I would have made this to have the fame. great work buddy

    Are there actual instructions anywhere on how to build this? It's awesome, but all I can see are finished product photos :(

    This is so awesome. I would love to build this for my grandchildren... Do you have plans for this?

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    This is one heck of a ship! The detail is stunning! It looks tough to build. I built the Pirate Ship listed here with a full set of plans. It was easy - Complete set of Plans here for a cool pirate ship pirateshipplayhouseplans.com!

    Wow amazing! Are you done your project? This is what i'm looking at making for my kids but need help with ideas and maybe some plans. What was your total cost?
    great pictures, again amazing

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    Sorry i havent gotten back to you, total cost for materials was a little over 800.00, you can email me at centmit@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

    I will post a video and more details as soon as i can, thank you for your patience.

    thank you, i try to make things as interesting and detailed as possible, i hope all the kids that play on it enjoy it, i know i do, it is big enough for adults.if you would like to see some of my other work, google oliveira trimworks and it will bring you to my facebook page.

    This is amazing. Can we have some pics of the 'play' areas like the slide, climbing area etc and how they are incorporated?