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This is my first gun that I have made that is truly pump-action. It's pretty sweet.


Looks awesome
Pumps smoothly...ish
Mag capacity 10


Very rarely doesn't fire
Very rarely jams


LvNo1000 (author)2014-01-03

I built it, but mine is all jammy :/ maybe its the rubberband placement, maybe it is the mag, but whaever it is, mine jams every couple shots. Other than the jams, it is a pretty much good gun. I'd prefer the zkar though because it doesn't have as many pieces and doesn't jam although it fires a little slower

LvNo1000 (author)2014-01-02

Nice gun :) I'll try to build it. It looks really cool except that you have to use broken pieces (I'll probably substitute) in the pump. About the pump looking non-functional, I saw a grey rod in the mag area. The pump directly pulls the grey rod back, which pulls a few yellow connectors (holding on to one another via broken white rods and a support normal white rod, pic 3), and is all stabilized by red rods in the back. Is that right?

DJ Radio (author)2011-11-08

The pump doesn't look like it actually pulls the pin back. Probably does, but doesn't look too believable. Great job on the assembly though!

didexo (author)DJ Radio2012-12-21

Great job on the assembly though!


That's something you don't see everyday. ;) this wasn't meant to be offensive.

Vaetheon (author)DJ Radio2011-11-09

thanks. the pump is actually very solid it doesnt bend all that much

Element Force (author)2012-11-01

Your pump is awsome

Vaetheon (author)Element Force2012-11-01

thanks v2 should be coming soon

Element Force (author)Vaetheon2012-11-03


Vaetheon (author)Element Force2012-12-12


Johnhall44 (author)Vaetheon2012-12-11

Did you say V2 =D

Vaetheon (author)Johnhall442012-12-12

Yes and I hope it works out

Johnhall44 (author)2012-04-07

Epic,now turn it into a shotgun :D 5*

Vaetheon (author)Johnhall442012-04-07

i might do that soon and thanks

Johnhall44 (author)Vaetheon2012-04-08


Puddock (author)2011-12-06

Awesome! I love the design.

Vaetheon (author)Puddock2011-12-07


Puddock (author)Vaetheon2011-12-07

Your welcome.

dr. richtofen (author)2011-11-11

cool gun! how far does it shoot? 4*

Vaetheon (author)dr. richtofen2011-11-16

not too far about 40-50 ft

The Chunky Sniper! (author)2011-11-06

Hmm... smexy, 4.5*



thanks 100th commenter!


TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-11-07



your welcome

TheFoofinator (author)2011-11-08

Looks great, I like how you put a 'maintenence flap' to covoer up the firing pin, a solid gun, good job.

Vaetheon (author)TheFoofinator2011-11-09


~KGB~ (author)2011-11-06

looks gr8! =D

Vaetheon (author)~KGB~2011-11-06


~KGB~ (author)Vaetheon2011-11-08


beanieostrich (author)2011-11-05

That looks very cool. =) Post possibly?

Vaetheon (author)beanieostrich2011-11-05

I might and thanks

beanieostrich (author)Vaetheon2011-11-05

No problem. =)

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