Introduction: PLASMA SPEAKER

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This video is a Demonstration, Yes! Plasma Arc Speaker. Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the Universe often called the fourth state of matter. Hear your favorite songs played directly from the vibrating plasma of an electric arc. Hear the superb dynamic, vocals & percussion. In this Circuit design the power supply is 220v AC main plug. Most are made using from "scrap" parts, only you need is a audio amplifier to driving a flyback transformer using an IRF Type Power Mosfet Transistor. It is amazing the most simple arc plasma speaker without any circuit based unit which needs assembly using PCBs or Electronic Components etc. Rather here we ready made units like a mobile phone for signal generator "Android App" or a audio Player to drive the amplifier and some transformers to integrate all these for constructing the final desired result.

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Step 1: VIDEO



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    6 Discussions

    were are the circuits
    and why is your chip overdriven? (that is the caus of your distortion)

    Nice...but I would love to see/hear the video. At least from the Instructable app on Android I don't see any video.

    Good job, sounds like you need more power. Here's mine:

    Where are the instructions or schematic for this instructable?


    2 years ago

    Dat is the most hipster thing ever