Tools Needed: (That I needed personally) 3 cans white plasti dip spray paint 3 cans neon "blaze" pink plasti dip spray paint 1 can gloss plasti dip spray paint Rim cleaner, towels, deck of cards/tape if necessary Change summer/winter rims if needed

Step 1: Clean & Prepare

Clean rims of all grease, dirt, etc. and dry. Line inner tire with cards (to avoid overspray). I suggest changing your summer and winter tires for the day to fully let the paint dry over night after spraying.

Step 2: Base Coat

If plasti dipping to a bright/bold colour you will want to use white for a base so it will show as bright as intended. Spray light coats (and I emphasize light) until rim is fully covered with colour, let dry (10-20 mins).

Step 3: 3 Layers of White

Do step 1 repeatedly until white is solid. My rims were a dark gray and took 3/4 coats of white before going solid so spray until white is how you want it (just make sure you let the paint fully dry before doing another coat).

Step 4: Add Colour

Follow the same steps as when spraying the white. Spray light coats of paint and let dry until colour is what you desired. You will have to find a personal technique of how you like spraying (I prefer on an angle, back and forth).

Step 5: 4/5 Layers of Colour

For my car it took 4/5 layers of paint to make the pink as solid and bright as I wanted it to be. I also added a clear coat for added shine (that's obviously optional).

Step 6: Tadaa!! Fully Dry

Let tires dry fully before putting back onto car. Remove cards from rim and clean any overspray that may have gotten on tire. If you spray over top of valve cap, you can peel off the paint around/on it or leave it on if it doesn't bother you.



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    Thinking about doing this to my '92 Loyale wagon, pale blue factory color + pink rims = ultimate surf combination!

    I really want to know how long the pink lasted you!!! the blaze fades quick. but I also heard if you do the white base it will last you as long please help! I really wanna do this to my car also.! Im in love with yours

    Sounds like you should make your own instructable! I did my tires the way I wanted to and it worked perfectly. Plasti dip is expensive so I personally wouldn't waste any (even by over spraying the tires). You would still need to remove the tire to put a trash bag around the brakes, but hey whatever is easiest for you!

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    Hey nice Instructable, however when replying to someone, use the 'Reply' button in the top right hand corner of their comment, or they won't get the notification that you replied to them.

    I used to use petroleum jelly to mask tires it just washes off when you're done.

    Haha it's a subaru impreza

    Hey looks great-two different color coats is a nice touch, no need to mix your own color!

    I did mine without tire removal a year ago and they still look good. Did my chrome grill and bumper in black too.

    What kind of Ford is that?


    you can do it without shielding the tire, just peal it off the tire after its dried. If you want to leave the wheels on you can just cover the brakes with a trash bag and spray it that way, that's how plasti dip shows on their YouTube

    Instead of putting cards around the rims you could use shampoo and let dry then paint and and any overspray that gets on the tires will be removed once you wash the tires.

    Road wear hasn't gotten me yet! The paint is like a little plastic guard for all my rims (along with the colour obviously haha)

    I think if you did it over the weekend and mounted on Sunday it would be fine! I let mine dry over night completely but you will be able to tell by looking at it if it's dry or not, so if it still looks wet just wait a little longer. You COULD do with the wheels on the car but you would need still need to take them off temporarily to tape the calliper etc. to avoid overspray

    I love it! Question: does the plasti-dip make it that much more resilient?

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    not really, it's more of a temporary way to change your wheels color. You can peel it off if you really wanted to.

    how does it hold up to road wear?

    The rims look great! Do you think it would work even if the rims were still on the car? I'm thinking it would be impossible for me to take off all four of my rims, or have the car down long enough to do 2 and 2. How long did it take to dry before you could remount? If I did 2 on Friday night, swapped on Saturday night to do the others, and then mounted on Sunday night, you think I could drive on Monday?

    The plasti dip will shield brake dust, dirt etc. from getting on the actual rim. You can use a light sponge and some water to remove whatever gets built up (every 2-3 weeks).


    This looks great! I will try it on a bike and build my way to car rims.