Picture of ♻ PLASTIC BOTTLE LENS CASE (waterproof) ♻
I made this for my Nikon lens.
You should choose different size of bottle for the size of your lens.
Is waterproofable with innertube.

Step 1: YOU NEED

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_2 bottles of the same water (better if with flat bottom);
_spongy material;
_dental floss.
_safety pin;
cfishy2 years ago
nice! how long is the zipper?
marcellahella (author)  cfishy2 years ago
The zipper should be of the same measure of the diameter of your bottle, so it depends from the size of the bottle that you will choose. Thanks to pointed that out.
I like it
marcellahella (author)  Horizonmedia2 years ago
kz12 years ago
Very nice! If allowed a suggestion, you could further increase its waterproofness (is that a word?) by running a small bead of silicone between the inner tube and the bottle before stitching it on. That should eliminate any possibility of a leak between the two surfaces.

These would come in handy at the beach for items you didn't want to get wet, e.g. cell phone, wallet, lens cloth, matches, etc. Glue the top of the bottle to the bottom, drill a hole in the bottle cap, put a loop of Para cord through the hole and you have the perfect attach point for a carabineer. Could be used anywhere, e.g. bike, bag, belt, etc.

Great instructable! Thanks
marcellahella (author)  kz12 years ago
thanks! cool advice!
(and yes! waterprufness is a word!)
Hompsed2 years ago
It's perfect for my new lens, thanks for uploading this!
marcellahella (author)  Hompsed2 years ago
you're welcome!
tseay2 years ago
To Adam....
This is splash proof. or puddle proof. The holes in the tube will not allow this bottle to go overboard, but dropped in a puddle it will likely stay dry. To improve seal stitching with caulking. Will still need inner tube since most zippers are not water sealed. Hmmmm... What about gluing a zip lock for a better connection between the parts.
marcellahella (author)  tseay2 years ago
adam 1012 years ago
How waterproof is this? Are we talking like light rain, heavy rain, dropped in a puddle, or over the side of a boat waterproof by your guesses?
marcellahella (author)  adam 1012 years ago
sure is by my guess! I don't have any tools for testing waterproofness yet!
anyways common sense will suggest me:
if you don't wave your lens during a rain but you keep it in your bag
it will be waterproof with a "light rain"(intended like 1mm of rain per hour, or 0,2641 gallon per square meter of rain par hour) all the way to a medium rain (4mm of rain per hour , equivalent to 1,0564 gallon par square meter of rain per hour). on hard rain (7/8 millimeter per hour I will may be not keep it in the rain for too long , but I m pretty sure that if you did well the lens bag it will be all right ('cause plastic and innertube are waterproof, and this is not my guess).
like I wrote in my instructable it depend on how the shape of your bottle and how tight you can make it.
Nettiemac2 years ago
What a brilliant idea. And made from things easy to get.
marcellahella (author)  Nettiemac2 years ago
Thanks! I m proud of this one!
HP_II2 years ago
Very cool! Maybe a waterproof zipper glued to the bottle as well as sewn could also work to make it waterproof. This also seems like a good way to ship a lens (inside a box of course).
marcellahella (author)  HP_II2 years ago
Thats a good idea too,maybe more waterproof too.
grgbpm2 years ago
Nettiemac2 years ago
What a brilliant idea. And made from things easy to get.
Nettiemac2 years ago
What a brilliant idea. And made from things easy to get.
ynze2 years ago
Very smart! Much better than the soft and fragile Nikon lens-bags I have!
marcellahella (author)  ynze2 years ago
yes, like the Nikon one I had. thanks!
this is really cool! great use of ordinary household products!
marcellahella (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago