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Turn your scrap plywood into something which is both beautiful and functional.

I would highly recommend you use the highest quality you can get as it will make your life easier as it will have no voids, I used a scrap piece I had.

Watch the video HERE

Step 1:

I ripped my 18 mm thick plywood down to 100 mm wide then set up a stop (to prevent the small peices from getting trapped and causing problems) and set my fence to cut 12.5 mm strips referencing off of the stop

Step 2: Gluing and Sanding

I spread glue and clamped them up.

I later sanded them down taking care to get them as level as I can.

Step 3: Finishing...

I rubbed some BLO (boiled linseed oil) on and it made the grain stand out.

If you make any then please send me a photo below or send me an email with your photo and please check out my youtube channel for a new video just about every week :)



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Nice Job on those Tom They turned out Great. Great use of the scrap pieces

Great use for scrap plywood, but coasters like these would have to be sealed very well - MULTIPLE coats of a waterproof sealer such as polyurethane lacquer. Otherwise, as soon as they get wet from condensation they will de-laminate (the layers will come apart due to glue dissolving and the plywood layers expending in different directions causes it to buckle). Even exterior grade plywood does not hold up with water standing on even the finished surfaces (not to mention the edges) and good grades of plywood generally do not use waterproof glue.

Ii wont have a problem with condensation but if you do that is the way to go.

Thanks for you comment.

I'm sorry but that is not correct, but you can use that as a finish if you want to.

Cool! I was just thinking of making plywood coasters when I was making my Plywood Mallet, But I would need a bigger hole saw...

Awesome stuff man ! thanks for the comment !

they look great.. I will give them a go.


I really like it if someone does replicate my projects so I will feature it on my socail media :)