PLaY a GaMe in Google Chrome Offline





Introduction: PLaY a GaMe in Google Chrome Offline

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I know it looks like a joke but its not.......... believe me!

Incorporating all the step right here:-

Step 1 :- Disconnect your internet connection just for a while.

Step 2:- Open a new tab in Google Chrome or directly open a new window of Google Chrome.

Step 3:- Type in any site you want and press Enter

Step 4:- You will find an error message of a Dinosaur saying No Internet Connection, that's alright.

Step 5:- Then just press the Space Bar of you keyboard , the Dinosaur jumps and the game starts.

How to play the game:- Its a infinite runner game , you just need the UP and DOWN arrow keys After you die refresh the game with Enter key. And remember this facility is only restricted to newest editions of Google Chrome Browser Check out the video of me playing the game....... ENJOY !!!!!..........and comment here about how you felt doing it. Follow me for more.............

For Smart Phone Users :- In Step 5 , instead of the Space Bar just TAP on the Screen Once where you see the dinosaur [Credit goes to Owatson]



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how to make this dragon in c++ and plz share the code of the game

tell me how to hack it

oh so cool! thanks, I had never noticed this on chrome!^^

PS: It was a similar surprize to the "snake" on youtube. [when you are waiting for a video to start, if you tap any directional keys the "waiting circle" become into a snake and you can continuing playing even when the video starts]

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i didn't knew that either ........lolz.................thanks for the youtube's secret....i will definitely try it out

The only problem with it is, plying snake on a video background is rediculusly difficult

i had the same feeling .............when i accidentally discovered this feature which was long present in Google Chrome

works on mobile. just tap on the dinosaur

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Thanks for trying it out in mobile........i should have provided the mobile information too