everyone wants to feel safe and secure. many people keep pepper spray, tasers, knives, and all sorts of other self defense items with them at all times. these are great against a human attacker or dogs and other animals, but what if the elements themselves turn against you. what will your taser do against a fire??? nothing. luckily now, with the pocket fire extinguisher, you can feel safe from the elements everywhere you go.

this instructable will teach you how to make an effective pocket sized fire extinguisher so that you can feel prepared at your next candlelight dinner.

Step 1: How It Works

fires need oxygen to burn. if you can smother the fire, then it will go out. to do this out extinguisher uses a combination of dry powder and co2. we will use a simple co2 canister to shoot blasts of co2 at the fire, but it will also blast baking soda into the fire, which when heated produces co2. attacking the fire from two fronts

<p>can't see the video</p>
So where is the cute little mini red fire ext. ? You deceived us!
This is always an option :D http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/20060706/the-worlds-smallest-fire-extinguisher/
thnk bary much ...... for instructable.....!!!!!
wow this is awesome!!!!!!!!!
Whats that faint reflection? I think the cam focused on that
pretty nice dude! and its easy to make<br /> <br />
or carry a bottle of water
I think the candle is a bad example. It would blow out. But I take your word for it! Nice Job!
the co2 will put out the fire because its not oxygen
Hmmm... can't wait until the baking soda/vinegar ible comes out!
im almost done with it!
Tip for shooting close-up photos: turn on macro; it enables you to take clear close-up photos.
thanks! i'll update this with some better photos then
Where can I buy a CO2 canister?
online you can get them fairly cheap. and any biking shop will carry them, also any place that sells airsoft will usually have them

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