This is a Cadillac Joule Thief with six features.
  • Fits comfortably into a pocket.
  • It is built of SMT components on a IC socket platform.
  • It can drive different color and size LEDs.
  • It does Suck a Batteryalmost completely Dry
  • It will be used to test different brands of AA battery capacity.
  • Yes, it can be used as a Continuity Tester

Sorry, but this project requires advanced soldering skill to build !

Step 1: Assembled Thief

Bright Pocket Flash Light
  1. Easy to hold
  2. Pointing toward the iCamera
  3. Aim a narrow beam 10' across the room to see the LCD weather station
  4. Close up of LCD station illuminated by a single LED from 10' across the room
  5. LED lightning a tall Victorian ceiling
  6. Detailed component descriptors

i somehow got the idea of making my own joule thief IC...<br>I like how you made the main part of the circuit detachable
Thanks :-)<br> Its for a future <u>light</u> project that I want to make using it....<br> <br> A
&quot;They feature a built-in synchronous rectifier, which improves efficiency and reduces size and cost by eliminating the need for an external Schottky diode.&quot;<br>Is a quote from the MAX1675 website.<br>is it possible you could have a go at tweaking this circuit to see if it could be further simplified?<br>just wondering
Thanks for reading the details.<br>Yes.... it works without the extra diode however<br>They also say the Schottky diode helps the unit to start at a lower voltage.<br><br>Isn't that the point when sucking energy out of a battery ?<br><br>A
could you use it to transfer electicty
It <strong>IS</strong> transferring electricity from the battery to the LED
Voted! ;-)
You are very Kind.<br><br>I'm approaching a just few bits away from where you <br>created a healthy serving for my centennial soriee :-D
Great project. What if you could shrink it into a broach, necklace, or earrings?
Thanks for the compliment.<br>Some time ago some one made earrings that lit and twinkled.<br>Ingeniously the battery was a button cell on the inside of the clasp.<br><br>A
could you use it to store electricity?
Only for a few microseconds, it is not the kind of storage device you seek.<br>This thing works like an other jewel thief, it uses a magnetic coil or coils<br>to transform voltage and current to suit the LED in the circuit.<br><br>A<br>

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