Picture of POCKET UKULELE [poket-uku]

How to make a stringed musical Uku that  fits in a pocket and can be played anywhere in the world..It can be made in only three days.
It generates full volume using a miniature amplifier.
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Most string instruments of the guitar or Ukulele variety are rather large due to their construction covering several octaves and ease of fingering. Electric actuated types also need wiring and large amplifiers.Thus we have arrived at a small personal type for sole use or in
a small group  use. This was accomplished as follows:
 Eliminate the resonant box.Eliminate the long neck. Eliminate the nylon or steel strings. Eliminate the big boom speakers.
Use a small wood solid board under 10 in. long. Use elastomeric  polymer high tech plastic strings that are easy to tune and are fairly stable over years. Use  off-the-shelf low cost pre-amps and final amplifiers that are used for the present digital music generating devices.
Elastomeric  strings have been used in earlier Instructables. Ref;Portable Mini-lyre by Mistic dated Inst. Mar. 6, 2011. Also  'Mini-piano" by Mistic  . Inst. dated Nov.5.2009. The strings  in these instruments are now 11 years old and still work well.
Lastly, We have found that ordinary ear-buds that are under$5.00 are excellent microphones.We use these as vibration  pick-ups for the vibrating strings.This novel approach is non-magnetic as wire strings  need to be for magnetic pick-ups.
darrenhall2 years ago
Hi - this is a really smart, clever build - I have had had quite a few string instruments in my time, this would have been a great addition - I am sure any musical folks will love it.

Kiteman3 years ago
(Windows movie maker can't open your video - why not upload it to youtube?)
mistic (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
just now uploaded.. see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYp9llRKBOk
Kiteman mistic3 years ago

mistic (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
now to play a 5 minutes of songs.. later..!
I believe that's because it's trying to open in quick time- when i opened it, it (for some reason) opened in quicktime. Mistic might have a Mac?
mistic (author)  evindrews3 years ago
I have an HP Pavilion. Had no mac experience. I use what ever is supplied to make the video from my Kodak easy-share.software.
I will research this aspect also.
mistic (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
will try to upload to u-t.
mistic (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Have no problem viewing on my software..
will try utube.
rimar20003 years ago
Good job, mistic!
mistic (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Thanks, I keep trying..may get a prize yet.
omnibot3 years ago
Lol .. nice wacky uke-build.
mistic (author)  omnibot3 years ago
Had fun making it- not too good at playing a Uku tho.
Im working on a Ultra miniature stringed LYRE now that this one worked.
CrLz3 years ago
Interesting, very simple, may give it a go...