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Introduction: PODS Bag Dispenser

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So you've used all your PODS laundry detergent and now you have this empty plastic container and you also have a ton of plastic grocery bags taking up a lot of room.

I'm gonna show you a great way to use this great container to save space and organize your bags. The best thing is that it's absolutely free!!!!!

Step 1: Look at This Mess!

Yikes, look at all the room they take up.

Step 2: What You'll Need

A PODS container
Some bags
Something to make holes in the container
A piece of sand paper


Step 3: Making the Hole

Basically make a hole in the center of the bottom. I used a drill but you could also use a carpenters knife.

Be careful not to press to hard because the plastic will crack.

Once you've made a hole sand the sharp edge so that the bags won't be torn.

Step 4: Make a Hole in the Back

Make a hole in the back so if you want to hang it on the wall in your house or shop, you can!

Step 5: Remove the Child Safety Clip

This little clip can be a pain, just cut it off. Doing this allows you to open the container easier.

If you have small kids just leave it on there, these bags can be dangerous for them.

Step 6: Add the Bags

Just stuff them in there. You can put millions of bags in there. (Probably not millions)

Step 7: Give It a Go!

Just start pulling them out.

Step 8: Find a Place for It

You can hang it or put It in a cabinet.

Step 9: Wow, What a Difference.

Look at how much room I saved in my laundry room cabinet.



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    How do you get the next bag out?

    is pods an american thing cause i am english and never seen pods

    1 reply

    I guess it might be. You could always move to the states!

    Don't forget to vote for me!!!!!

    I nu thr had to b thangs u cud do wif thes. Iv ben savn em. Got a bunch!

    Great idea, I have a PODs container that is almost empty and a lot of grocery bags. I will have to give this a try.

    pretty slick no what about a paint job ;)