Introduction: POE Adapter With Some Twists

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this is my version of DIY POE;

this is just another DIY POE but, with some twist/s (not on the LAN cables though)... LOL!!!

this version has:

option to use single or an extra LAN cable (why use an extra LAN cable? when the way gets tight) ;)

LED indicators

(power line) LAN cable tester....

i decided to make it more of a PICTUT (picture-tutorial) than a conventional instructable... ;)

or its just that im not very good at explaining things. LOL!

Step 1: TOOLS

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Step 3: PICK LOCKS and Locate Where to Place the 12V Barrel Jack

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PICK LOCKS and locate where to place the 12V barrel jack, make a square hole to accommodate its terminals...

use superglue to adhere it to one side of RJ45 splitter.

Step 4: PICTUTs

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this is my 1st instructable please be nice... ;)

*this can be upgraded to power up both outdoor modem and router (indoor) at the same time;

by not cutting and just tapping 12V barrel jack's(and LED+resistor) corresponding terminals to the wires 4&5 and 7&8... (this can be applied using single LAN cable [pic 5 inset]) *modifying the router might be needed....

*another upgrade is to make another one but this time with a male 12V jack to power up non-POE-ready device/s... :)


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