POKEMON Battles in Real Life!





Introduction: POKEMON Battles in Real Life!

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this is my first instructable. i will be teaching you how to play pokemon with your friends in real life, no DS or GAMEBOY.

Step 1: What You Will Need and How to Play!

the first thing you'll need is a hand, a second person, and basic knowledge of 3 fun games: rock paper scissors, thumb wars and arm wrestling.
rock paper scissors are for the pokemon that have yet to evolve. the thumb wars are for the pokemon who have evolved once. the arm wrestling is for the pokemon that has evolved 3 times. every single battle your pokemon evolves (if it has won). you then have to find someone else who is on the same evolution as you and battle them. the person who wins is the person who manages to battle everyone and beat them at the last evolution!

Step 2: First Evolution!

so now you are ready to start battling. clench your hand into a fist (this is what will be the pokeball) and then open it, into your favourite rock paper scissor stance. (mine is my fist vertical, as if i'm holding the handle of something)
you can then pick from 3 pokemon, geodude, lotad or scyther. (rock paper scissors) which ever one beats the other gets to move up a rank. if you pick the same, nothing will happen. you will not be allowed to use that move for your next turn e.g if somebody used 2 geodudes at the same time they would only be able to pick lotad or scyther, and then they would be able to use the geodude again.

Step 3: Second Evolution!

what you do with the second evolution is set your hand into the pokeball stance but put your thumb in the middle. when you open your pokeball make sure to flick out your thumb. your thumb is the pokemon here. lock fingers and do battle! which ever one that wins gets to move up to arm wrestling stage!

Step 4: Third Evolution!

now. make your hand a pokeball, but hold it with the other hand. when the time comes, throw your "pokeball" onto the floor/battlespace and stretch out your arm into your arm wrestling stance. continue to battle with your arms until the winner is crowned!

Step 5: Winning/losing

if you win, you will evolve your pokemon. if you lose, your pokemon will go down. eg if i was fighting a second evolution fight and i lost, i would go down to rock paper scissors and the other person would move up to arm wrestling.
a player can have up to 2 pokemon at a time. (one on each hand). you can fully evolve one pokemon and use him for battles and have another pokemon you raise with tender love and care, or you could turn them both into pokemon fighting winners and battle everyone! the choice is yours, go out and battle!



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    Very interesting idea

    Although most of it is imagination witch i like.

    but if your not the most creative guy then this is kinda boring... :/

    ...I dont get I...

    Do you start by choosing any Pokemon? And then do Rock Paper Sissors, Thumb war, Etc.? Or do you pick from the First 3?

    3 replies

    like i said, you can use geodude lotad or scyther (rock paper and scissors) then when you win the battle, they will evolve.

    Correction! Geodude evolves into Graveler, and Graveler (Please excuse me using his name twice in one sentence!) evolves into Golem.

    I'm confused, you can only pick from geodude, lotad, and scyther!? No offense but I think people would much rather use maybe Raichu, or Onix if thats the case. :-/

    And what do you mean about your last paragraph? I mean, how would you use 2 Pokemon at the same time? And how would you "Raise with tender love and care" if they don't exist? I am confused.

    1 reply

    nah, you use 1 hand as a pokemon, and the other hand as a different pokemon. so like you could have one arm that you fight everyone with, but you dont use your other hand because yuou like that pokemon. (that bit is just basic flavour text)

    Why did you use Ash's Advanced Generation outfit, everybody knows the original series is better.

    4 replies

    yes, i do like the original. however some people have not watched the original, and they would have said "blah blah is better". why do you care so much, it's just a picture? xD

    It is more than "just a picture" It is representative of an entire era many cannot even hope to appreciate.