Step 6: Wiring

Powering the Kinect and AX-12 servos was fairly easy using the Create's Cargo Bay Connector. I simply attached two 12V regulators from the 10/21 and 11/25 pins (see page 10 of the iRobot Create Owner's Guide). The process of creating the 12V regulator can be found here:


Instead of using the Create serial cable or RooStick (as in the tutorial), I simply ran it straight from the Cargo Bay Connector. For powering the AX-12 Servos, I simply repeated the process, only splicing a Dynamixel 3-pin cable (please reference the photo below). Remember to cover the solder joints with heat shrink to avoid any shorting. Once this is complete, the Kinect and AX-12 servos will be powered from the Create battery. I would like to eventually charge the netbook from the iRobot Create Home Base  (like in this project ) or replace the netbook with something that can be run from the Create's battery (such as the Roboard).
bhylak4 years ago
Hey UglyBuddha,

I got your solution for charging. (I built a telepresence robot off of a Roomba, which charging method can be adapted to the Create) First, take the barrel jack directly to the docking pads, while still having it connected to the PCB inside. (But don't let the pcb be connected to the docking pads) Then, purchase a 22v to 12v converter. You can then use a Inverter for the Laptop. (But get a universal laptop power adapter, 4 amps, and hook it up to the dock)

Hope it helped,