POPOVERS a Taste Treat!





Introduction: POPOVERS a Taste Treat!

This Instructable is designed to allow the average person to make one of the all time most awesome cullinary treats... the unbiquitas Popover.

Step 1: Get Your Ingrediants Ready

You are going to need six ingrediants, All purpose Flour, Salt, Baking Powder, Eggs, Milk, and butter.

Step 2: Get Your Equipment Ready

You are going to need a couple of big bowles, one or two small bowls or cups, a measuing cup, a measuring spoon, a can of non stick spray, a wisk or electric mixer and most importantly a real Popover pan.

Step 3: Starting at the Beginning

The first thing you should do is start preheating your over to 450 degrees F. Coat your popover pan with Canola based nonstick spray and start warming it up. Now Take your dry ingrediants. The Baking Powder, the salt, and the Flower and mix them together in a big bowl. You will need to measure out the following:

2 cups of Flower
3/4 teaspoon of Salt
1/2 teaspoon of Baking Powder (NOT BAKING SODA!!!!)

Step 4: Mixing the Wet Stuff

Take 3 eggs break them and put them in a bowl. Now beat them until they are light. Now measure out 1 and 3/4 cup of milk (Vitamin D whole milk seems to work best). Measure it our and put it in another container.

Now this is important. The Milk must be at or above room temperture. I put it in the microwaver for 1.5 minutes. That seems to work, don't boil the milk just warm it up. Use any means necessary.

Next take a bunch of butter and melt that too. Again I use the microwave. It takes about 30 seconds to turn my butter into a liquid. Take it out and pour it into a tablespoon, then put it in with the eggs. do this twice. In other words use 2 tablespoons of melted butter.

Mix the milk, eggs and butter togther for 2 minutes on medium while moving the mixer around.

Step 5: Mixing the Wet and the Dry

Ok we are ready for a big step, mixing the wet and dry. SLOWLY pour the wet into the dry. I don't know why but that is what you have to do....so just do it that way. Once combined, start mixing, mix for about two minutes or until really mixed. Make sure you scrape the walls too. I have done this with both a wisk as well as an electric mixer. Both work well.

Step 6: Pour Into the Popover Pan

Take the popover pan out of the oven, see the oven mits in the picture? You will need them, it's been preheating at 450! That is hot!! Put your pan down on some trivets or something to protect your counter top. Then start pouring the mix into the pan. It should fill up 6 cups almost all the way up.

Step 7: The First 10 Minutes

The first 10 minutes are at 450 F. Set your kitchen timer, use a stopwatch, do it however you want but don't go past 10 minutes. Oh and kick everyone out of the house, now is the time when vibrations and sound can cause it to collapse. It's very sensitive at this point. Do not open the oven door under any circumstances!!!!

Step 8: The Next 35 Minutes

Now turn down the heat to 350 F and set the timer for 35 minutes or until the popovers are a nice golden brown. Again, Do NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR AND LOOK IN ON THEM. Or you will wreck them and cry, and that would be very sad indeed.

Step 9: Time to Enjoy!!!

Take them out, put them on a plate, get some butter, crack them open and enjoy!! They are amazing!!



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    16 Discussions

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Popovers taste wonderful and smell good too. You should eat them in the morning, you should eat them at night, You should eat them under the covers with your favorite flashlight. --How is that?

    Thank you for rising to the occasion! You are definitely not a half baked poet. How about for the last line "you will fall in love with them after just one bite"?

    Excellent! Cheers! Roses are red, Violets are blue, Popovers taste wonderful and smell good too. You should eat them in the morning, you should eat them at night, you will fall in love with them after just one bite

    You know what they say about two heads being better than one. Instructables proves that time after time when you read the comments after an instructable, there is even more stuff to learn. I love this place. I could live here.

    I'm a bit confused, are these a variation on the British Yorkshire pudding? Are they meant as a savoury or sweet dish. Try Yorkshire puddings, less ingredients same result! Just mix equal parts by volume of eggs milk and plain flour. Preheat your pans with a little oil at the highest possible heat in your oven until the oil just starts to smoke. When you pour the mix into the oil it should sizzle. Put back into the oven and about 30 minutes later brilliant massive Yorkies!

    6 replies

    They are a variation on Yorkshire pudding. I'm not sure how they folks in the US started calling them popovers. Most likely a popular recipe renamed them.

    I thought that mix looked familiar, but from the pictures these seem to come out a bit 'breadier' than Yorkshires. I leave the Yorkshire puds to my (Cumbrian) wife. She does them in 6" tins and we have them with gravy as a starter before a roast dinner.

    I seem to remember that 'real' Yorkshire pudding required some beef fat. My mom used to make 'em when I was a kid. They were ALWAYS served with a roast. Ummmm...taking me back.....

    Dripping on toast with loads of the beef jelly the day after. Wonderful! I haven't had that in years and years and years. I'm having it next time we have beef and the doctor who keeps telling me to cut down on the cholesterol can go and boil his head!

    It appears that no one has done an instructible on Yorkshire pudding, sounds like an opportunity for you or your wife to do one? I was going to have my wife and my mom each do an instructible on the same dish, but I didn't want to start that arms race.

    Ya know, I had Yorkshire pudding in of all places....York. It was much more mushy then these Popovers. These, if you let them bake, develop a nice hard crisp outside and actually crack when you open them. I also had Yorkshire pudding at Lowres Steak House in Chicago. They do a good impression of a Yorkshire pudding even though they are from the states. Theirs were also a bit mushy, much more like a crossiant than a Popover.

    So they're sort of a bread roll, but not quite? I'll have to try it sometime.
    I imagine they'd be good with a few bits of sundried tomato, small pieces of parmesan cheese or pesto in the mix.
    (Did that oven come off the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise?? ;¬)

    3 replies

    Ha! The oven is your basic GE oven. It's pretty new, a build in, but other than that nothing all that special. :)

    It looks like "Basic" has moved on a bit since we bought our cooker. It's got 7 knobs, 6 buttons and the display just tells the time and sets an on/off time for the oven.

    Feel free to sprinkle some parmesan or fontina cheese on the top before baking. Some folks do that and it is good.