This project used 1,581 recycled soda bottles to create a canopy for shading from the sun.  The project incorporated 3D modeling and scripting software to generate the desired surface created by the bottom of the soda bottles. The project sought to stimulate creative alternatives for recycling and reusing materials.

Each bottle is filled with a small amount of colored water.  The specific color of the water is based on the elevation of the bottle relative to the groundplane. Each bottle is hung from a grid by a unique string length ranging from 6" to 30". 

Basic Materials:

1,581 soda bottles
masons line 1000+ yards
hot glue
masking tape
wood 4x4 and 2x6
wood screws
food coloring
outdoor paint
basic tools
many volunteers!!

Step 1: Digital Fabrication

I used Rhinoceros, a 3D modeling program to create the surface that the bottom of the bottles form.  From this form, we used Grasshopper (a scripting program) to generate a dataset containing the length of each string corresponding to a coordinate grid system.  For simplicity, we label one direction of the coordinate using numbers, and the second direction using letters. The dataset, in addition to providing the location of the string, provided the color of liquid in each bottle that would hang from each string.

<p>They all look amazing.</p>
<p>Crikey! That's beautiful!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing. i love this</p>
<p>Hi! Awezome! Both filtered water when it rains?</p>
<p>Hi I was wondering how did you determine the grid size? thanks :) </p>
The grid size was determined by the diameter of a typical 20 ounce plastic bottle.
<p>Ok thanks! </p>
<p>a lot ot bottles.. but very good result!</p>
<p>Superb, I want that beautiful canopy too. Where I can get that bottles?</p>
idea fantastica.. <br>
Really like this and may make something similar for my backyard. <br>
I think this project was constructed very well. However I'd like you to elaborate as to how you came across your desired form in rhino
Awesome Job!
Wow. What a great amount of work! Fabulous result!
OMG that is a labour of love for sure
This is a very good environmental creation, I like it. <br>Thank you for sharing this idea.

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